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Chappelle exposes flaw in 'cancel culture' critique: He's still here

(09/04/19 4:00am)

From the Oedipus complex to formations of ego and id, Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking work was foundational to the field of psychoanalysis. Though often disputed and in some cases delegitimized, many aspects of his theory still pervade our lingo and understanding of each other. One of Freud’s more popular theories was psychological projection, roughly defined as defending one’s self against unconscious impulses by ascribing them to others while denying them in yourself. 

Leyzerovych: National scandal: Reflections on Trump’s immigration policies, nation’s sovereignty

(09/03/19 4:00am)

For the past eight years I have been continuously bombarded — but in all truth I have bombarded myself out of sheer curiosity and a bit of philosophical masochism — with a hail of sociocultural conundrums regarding my existence as an immigrant in modern America. 

Rutgers researchers break down asthma with new computer chip model

(09/03/19 3:58am)

Rutgers scientists have developed a small research model that will help improve the understanding and treatment of lung-related illnesses like asthma. The technology, called a "bronchi-on-a-chip," mimics lung cells and can be used to test potential medications more efficiently than traditional animal or petri dish models.

Rutgers welcomes largest first-year class in its history

(09/03/19 4:02am)

To kick off this upcoming academic school year, Rutgers has greeted the largest and most diverse incoming class in its history, with most of the approximate 7,100 students arriving on campus this past week for Welcome Week events, said Salvador Mena, vice chancellor of Student Affairs, in an interview with The Daily Targum.