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ABRAHAM: Altruistic policies can be difficult at times

(11/03/17 1:29am)

Altruism has become enmeshed in our belief system as a society to the point where it has become a paragon of virtue. In the news, we hear how multi-billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are pledging a greater part of their fortunes toward a number of noble causes. Intuitively so, these actions are seen as noble by the public. After all, nothing is objectionable about providing drinking water to every corner of the world.

ABRAHAM: China could possibly defer financial crisis

(10/20/17 1:09am)

The economic growth of the People's Republic of China (PRC) has been something akin to a miracle. Consistent GDP growth in China, around the 10 percent mark for the greater part of three decades, had the entire world absolutely baffled. These precipitous levels of development have allowed it entry in a club of three other countries as an Asian Tiger, alongside South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

ABRAHAM: Self-determinaton may have unsettling results

(10/05/17 10:23pm)

Many Americans tend to sympathize with those who invoke the principles of self-determination, independence and freedom. This country, after all, was founded by challenging the world’s most prominent imperial power at the time: Great Britain. Some argue that the rise of politicians such as President Donald J. Trump, Geert Wilders, Rodrigo Duterte and others are indicative of a global movement toward populism and collectivism.