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EDITORIAL: U. should try to accommodate for all

(10/12/17 1:09am)

It does not matter how much you love your classes, friends and activities at Rutgers — when it comes down to it, everyone has a calendar marking down the days until the next University break. You get to spend time with family, “home” friends and, in the case of winter break, enjoy the holidays without worrying about homework, exams or anything else remotely related to school. That is, of course, if the holidays you celebrate do align with the breaks that the University offers.

EDITORIAL: Turning campus purple shows support

(10/11/17 1:48am)

If you have taken a look around campus this week, you should notice something a little different — the campus is turning purple. Dining halls, buses and even Rutgers staff have been adorned in purple. But this is not just a coincidence. This outpour of purple is the direct result of the Rutgers Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) beginning their week-long campaign, known as “Turn the Campus Purple." It was created to raise awareness on campus about dating and domestic violence. This coincides with October being National Violence Awareness Month. As part of this concentrated celebration, VPVA and Rutgers have planned events, including the “It’s On Us” rally where former Vice President Joe Biden will be speaking to Rutgers students. Having the former vice president come to campus and speak about sexual violence and abuse is a testament to how devoted the University is to this week.

EDITORIAL: NBPAC is making art bigger, better

(10/08/17 11:22pm)

New Brunswick is trying to improve all aspects of the community by building the new New Brunswick Performing Arts Center (NBPAC). And by getting involved in its creation with the New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco), Rutgers is giving back to its community and students. Construction for the NBPAC officially broke ground last Wednesday and the celebration was met by speeches from Rutgers and New Brunswick leaders. But this is not just any ordinary performing arts center. The NBPAC, which will be built between the College Avenue and Douglass campuses, will be a 22-story complex. This complex will feature two theaters, three rehearsal stages and many other amenities. The entire performing arts center will cost $190 million.

EDITORIAL: ‘Free speech’ can become hate speech

(10/04/17 2:09am)

Oftentimes, Rutgers hosts events within the University where panelists come to speak to the students about certain issues that are relevant to what is going on in the world around them. Last night, a panel of speakers visited the Douglass Student Center as a part of their tour entitled “Unsafe Space,” a name-play off of some groups on campus’ recent and ongoing efforts to deem New Brunswick as a “safe space.”

EDITORIAL: It is time for action, not just hashtags

(10/03/17 12:56am)

The nation has been left shaken after the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The 64-year-old shooter from Nevada shot into a crowd of 22,000 people and managed to leave 59 people dead and 527 injured. He singlehandedly incited the “worst mass shooting in modern American history.” President Donald J. Trump, like many others, took to Twitter to send his “warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families.”

EDITORIAL: It is safe to say that RUPD has your back

(10/01/17 11:38pm)

As we move into yet another month of school, it is important to recognize that many people may not have realized that September was National Campus Safety Awareness Month. Rutgers Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships took part and established a week out of the month to spread awareness about the potential dangers of living on campus or off-campus at Rutgers. The week was also dedicated to teaching students how they can stay safe around campus.

EDITORIAL: N.J. cares about art, just not enough

(09/27/17 3:11am)

One of the oldest debates involving education has surrounded the topic of whether arts education within the classroom is necessary in curriculum. People have posed arguments for both sides, making this issue one of the most cliched topics middle-school students write a persuasive essay about. But recently, in New Jersey, the conversation has shifted slightly after surveys issued by the Eagleton Institute of Politics were conducted throughout the state. According to the results of the survey, 90 percent of people living in New Jersey believe that having arts education as part of a school's curriculum is important. By looking at this number, one would assume that the age-old debate has been practically resolved and that there are no longer divides in the opinions of people regarding wanting to implement more arts programs. But the rest of the poll indicates otherwise.

EDITORIAL: Future of printing may come up blank

(09/26/17 12:33am)

Nowadays, everything can be done online — you can pay your bills, find a date or watch your favorite television shows. And with the rapid expansion of the Internet, it seems as though everything will be shifting to online-only platforms. One local business in New Brunswick is challenging the odds. But, is the business’s success something that will be long-term?

EDITORIAL: Rutgers is proving to be good neighbor

(09/24/17 11:51pm)

Perhaps the greatest anticipation of any Rutgers student is the thought of living off-campus. Just the possibility of living somewhere without communal bathrooms, a resident assistant and basically hundreds of other people will have students waiting with baited breath for the chance to move out. But, those who finally trek into the journey of off-campus living know that is not all smooth sailing.

EDITORIAL: World Water Monitoring Day came late

(09/21/17 1:00am)

With the abundance of hurricanes, earthquakes and unusually warm weather, one may wonder how severe global warming has affected the planet. Even NASA has reported “changes in climate not only affect average temperatures, but also extreme temperatures, increasing the likelihood of weather-related natural disasters.” But even if you do not believe that humans are leaving a dangerous imprint on this planet — as they continue to burn fossil fuels, pollute and destroy almost every natural landscape they touch — you can still agree that taking care of the planet is not a bad thing. And if you agree with that, then you will appreciate Rutgers’ new efforts to look after the “good health and stability” of the Raritan River.

EDITORIAL: Big Ten school wants big voter turnout

(09/19/17 1:44am)

Rutgers became a part of the Big Ten in 2014, and although this signified a place in the collegiate athletic world, it has brought upon other changes too. It has allowed the University to expand its offered course list, options for study abroad and access to libraries. The honor of being a Big Ten school does not only bring a prestigious reputation but also inevitably greater responsibilities. And Rutgers seems to be taking these obligations very seriously.

EDITORIAL: CAPS deserves claps for new initiatives

(09/18/17 12:42am)

Students at Rutgers are fortunate to go to a University that puts an emphasis on the importance of mental and emotional health. The University has recently made many strides to demonstrate to the student body that their emotional health is important, and that should they ever need someone to talk to, people are available and ready to listen to them. The University is doing this through the changes being made at the Center for Counseling, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).