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EDITORIAL: Rutgers is giving more bite for your bucks

(09/06/17 10:42pm)

As Rutgers students, one of our most communal concerns involves meal swipes: How many should we buy? How many do we have left? How do we spread them out? The questions remain crucially in the back of our heads as we maneuver through our daily college lives. But thanks to the University, one of the apprehensions revolving meal swipes will be a thing of the past.

EDITORIAL: We walk because we need to remember

(04/27/17 1:28am)

Oftentimes, events are held in order to create a sense of remembrance of tragedies that have passed. And although the common saying, “We will never forget,” is often recited in reference to the tragic events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, a fraternity at Rutgers hosted a silent memorial walk with a similar slogan, but this time to remember the lives taken during the Holocaust.

EDITORIAL: UNherD gives recognition to U. women

(04/26/17 12:03am)

Students at the University are constantly learning new things in their classes. That is why a majority of students attend college — to get an education. But more important than learning facts, figures and theories is learning how to apply them to enchance one's  life, and especially the lives of those around them. This is exactly what 24 women that were featured in “UNherD” are receiving recognition for.

EDITORIAL: DECA is vital for business students

(04/25/17 12:55am)

With summer vacation just a few weeks away, most students are anxious about internships or things that they can do during the break to promote a successful future for themselves. But a relatively new organization at the University is assisting students in finding opportunities that will further their success during the school year, especially if they are interested in business.

EDITORIAL: March for Science to stand up for reason

(04/20/17 1:43am)

You’ve seen the Women’s March, the "No Ban, No Wall” protests and several other public demonstrations fighting the current presidential administration and some of its attitudes towards certain groups or situations in the United States. But one of the most recent public protests is somewhat of an unexpected one. On April 22, Washington, D.C. is having a March for Science, and Rutgers is publicly endorsing it.

EDITORIAL: Stay in your lane (or your ‘shoulder’)

(04/19/17 12:46am)

Back in January, at the beginning of the spring semester, Rutgers seemed to begin a big renovation plan to improve transportation at the University. This began with the implementation of bike and bus lanes along the side of College Avenue. The plan was meant to incorporate a “newly designed street” with separate and marked bike-only and bus-only lanes, hoping to create a less congested street. The transportation plan was also made in hopes to promote the safety for other forms of transportations aside from the buses. Parking meters that were regularly on College Avenue were to be removed for this adjustment. These changes were estimated to be complete by the end of this semester. This was all detailed in an email University President Robert L. Barchi sent out to the Rutgers community.

EDITORIAL: This type of conduct will not fly

(04/13/17 1:14am)

If you have seen a swarm of headlines featuring United Airlines, then no, you are not experiencing déjà vu, this is just the second time in less than a month that the airline has been faced with extreme public controversy. With their earlier infraction consisting of the airline denying young girls from boarding a flight because of their choice to wear leggings, it was difficult for the general public to imagine the airline recovering. But rather than assessing the public outrage and ensuring that no other mishaps took place, United Airlines has managed to commit an even worse injustice against one of their passengers.

EDITORIAL: It is not always all about politics

(04/11/17 11:34pm)

If you have even the slightest, most minute idea of what is happening in the world around you, you must know of the devastatingly tragic events that are taking place in Syria. And the worst part is that some people are becoming so accustomed to seeing videos of the demise of citizens in Syria — men, women and children alike. Passing a moment of sympathy is all that is felt before scrolling on to something else. But this is not the case with everyone.

EDITORIAL: Creating communities through art

(04/11/17 2:12am)

The Athletics Department is not the only program at Rutgers that is going to see future improvements. After being put to a vote by the University’s Board of Governors on Thursday, Rutgers has approved an investment of $17 million for a new performing arts center in the Downtown New Brunswick. This investment will go toward the partial ownership of this performing arts center, which will serve as a place for Mason Gross School of the Arts students to practice and rehearse. After the completion of this center, Rutgers also proposed a new musical theater program offered to University students.

EDITORIAL: Freedom of press should start in schools

(04/09/17 11:28pm)

As a University that has a daily newspaper, Rutgers should be extremely involved in any advancement made in the world of collegiate newspaper production. And with New Voices of New Jersey making efforts to pass a bill regarding the freedoms of college (and high school) newspapers, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Rutgers to make its voice heard.