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EDITORIAL: Dining Services decision is in good taste

(04/02/17 11:52pm)

Almost every Rutgers student has heard some kind of complaint against the choices for food that are offered at the University, and a lot of these criticisms revolve around the options provided at take-out. So, for those who are against some of Rutgers’ “grease-inclined” food choices such as chicken nuggets and hash browns, the University has some good news.

EDITORIAL: ‘Snooki’ bill advised after 2011 situation

(03/28/17 12:46am)

Rutgers University has a prestigious history of hosting inspirational and revolutionary speakers to share their wisdom with the students. Former President Barack Obama, Bill Nye and Toni Morrison are only some of the esteemed names on the list. But in 2011, Rutgers had something of a blip, and decided to spend $32,000 to have MTV’s former “Jersey Shore” star, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

EDITORIAL: Missing girls lead to found conversation

(03/27/17 12:51am)

Looking at any social media site recently, one would notice that a disturbing headline had been popping up everywhere, indicating “14 black girls have gone missing in Washington, D.C. in a single day.” This information had been shared over 41,000 times. After this “news” had been spread, news outlets came out to clarify the truth behind the cases of the missing black girls.

EDITORIAL: Simulation is not always best solution

(03/23/17 1:12am)

Think back to when you were in the fifth grade. You were about 11 or 12 years old and you were very impressionable, like a sponge absorbing everything around you. You were exposed to things you had never learned before and your mind was expanding with new knowledge. Now imagine being that fifth grader, and upon learning about slavery, you were put on a fake auction block and "sold" off in a mock slave auction.

EDITORIAL: Some secrets should be shared

(03/19/17 11:27pm)

Since its earliest-known case in 1959, HIV/AIDS has killed about 39 million people. And although this disease is universally known, not many people know exactly what HIV actually is. HIV is a virus that can lead to the infection that is called AIDS. AIDS, which is an acronym for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is the actual condition that is developed after HIV causes damage to the immune system. But despite a large majority of people who are unaware of the true definition and difference between HIV and AIDS, it is no secret that this disease is dangerous. With AIDS being the eighth leading cause of death for people between the ages of 25 and 34, the gravity of its detrimental effects are not lost on anyone.

EDITORIAL: Ben Carson should have held his tongue

(03/07/17 2:48am)

Ben Carson recently stepped out into his official position as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Part of his job description is providing assistance for those with low-incomes, aiding in the creation of fair housing laws, handling homelessness, mandating house ownership and most importantly, as the name implies, overseeing housing development. Many people (for  the right reasons) felt as though Carson was not fit for this position. Besides the fact that Carson was a neurosurgeon, he has previously voiced his beliefs that the government cannot be of much assistance to those in need. He even stated that trusting the government in issues of low-income assistance is “downright dangerous.” To make things more unsettling, Carson himself, although growing up in poverty, had never lived in public housing or had governmental assistance for housing. To top it all off, Carson has publicly said he feels that poverty is “really more of a choice.” But this is relatively old news now, and just as most of the nation suggests we do with President Donald J. Trump, perhaps giving Carson a chance and considering his present actions rather than his past ones is the way to go about the situation. Except, Carson’s recent actions are no better. In fact, his words while speaking to HUD employees might be even worse.

EDITORIAL: Being married but not reaping benefits

(03/02/17 3:52am)

Last week, the LGBTQIA community was in shock over the blatant disregard of their rights by President Donald J. Trump and his administration when they decided to remove the federal protections for transgender people who want to use bathroom facilities that correspond with their gender identity. A majority of the Democratic Party, as well as some members of the Republican Party, voiced their anger over this decision by the Trump administration. And now, it seems as though the dust has barely even begun to settle before the nation began to chip away at LGBTQIA rights again.

EDITORIAL: That will (not really) teach them

(03/01/17 1:45am)

In an atmosphere where flyers promoting a “Muslim-Free America” have been circulating the Rutgers campus, it is safe to say that not everyone in the Rutgers community is as religiously tolerant as one would have thought. This religious intolerance most likely stems from the mere lack of understanding or lack of exposure to Islam, and to other religions in general. The solution to this? Perhaps Rutgers should look to Harvard University for answers.

EDITORIAL: Stand up for others so they do it too

(02/27/17 12:32am)

President Donald J. Trump and his administration have seemed to give opponents of former President Barack Obama’s administration another thing to cheer about after Wednesday night. The Trump administration revoked protections for transgender students who wish to use bathrooms and facilities that resemble their gender identity. This decision was done despite the announcements by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who said she would protect the rights of transgender students, then had to choose between defying the president and ignoring her instinct, and ended up doing the latter. But others did not stay as quiet.