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Sorority sisters not stereotypes

(12/03/13 5:00am)

Would you marry a sorority girl? Recently, the Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds of many students have been engulfed in the argument. Blogger Natalie Anastasia posted a rebuttal to EliteDaily.com’s assertion that you should never marry a sorority girl on Nov. 28. Among the reasons she cited are that sorority girls are never satisfied, sneaky, are only good for consuming alcohol and seek to always be the center of attention. Before one can analyze or even begin to understand the problem between the overgeneralizations of these communities, one must know what they are. Sororities and fraternities are part of a long held social system on university campuses known as greek life. A variety of greek organizations are distinguished from social groups by their function. They can be specifically organized for service to the community, professional advancement or scholastic achievement.

No surprise: U. works and plays hard

(11/25/13 5:00am)

One of the goals of the college experience is to find the right balance between work and play. The students at Rutgers University have certainly proven that we hit the books just as hard as we hit the kegs! All of those long walks on College Avenue, party hopping and getting up the next day to prepare for class seem to be the universal agenda among most of the students here — at least according to CollegeProwler.com.

Philippines requires our attention

(11/21/13 5:00am)

If someone personally asked you where Typhoon Haiyan occurred this month, would you be able to answer? If you really think about it, how much we know about what’s going on in the world seems to be getting more minute every day even when our resources are almost unlimited. The first step to taking action is creating awareness, which is exactly what Rutgers for the Philippines is doing.

RU gets screwed with bad reporting

(11/20/13 5:00am)

So apparently publishing sensationalized stories without doing any research on the actual facts about Rutgers’  “questionable” athletic department is all the rage these days. At least, the editors and reporters at nj.com certainly seem to think so. Dan Duggan, a new writer, broke the story last week that brought Rutgers defensive coordinator Dave Cohen under fire for his alleged verbal abuse of players. And two days ago, nj.com published another story written by Duggan insinuating that head coach Kyle Flood lied in his statement last month about the reasons behind Ian Thomas’ decision to quit the football team.

Skelly construction plans inefficient

(11/19/13 5:00am)

Should a need that remains prevalent on the Rutgers University campus trump concerns over environmental or structural efficiency? That is the question that was addressed at the meeting between the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Governing council and Dean Goodman, the executive dean of the school. This council unanimously voted in opposition to Rutgers’ plans to proceed with construction of a parking lot on part of Cook Campus’ Skelly Field to accommodate the construction of the new Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Health. We think the elimination of an aesthetic piece of land, enjoyed by inhabitants of Cook and Douglass campuses, is unnecessary when there are other solutions to the ever-present parking issue at Rutgers University.

Football abuse brings bad memories

(11/18/13 5:00am)

Verbal abuse can happen in any college setting, especially in regards to sports. In this case, Jevon Tyree, a former Rutgers football player, has come forward asserting that defensive coordinator Dave Cohen bullied him. While athletic director Julie Hermann insists that she met with the family and that the issue was resolved between all parties, the debacle has turned into a he-said-she-said showdown that is being blown out of proportion — especially during the sensitive aftermath of the Mike Rice fiasco. If the situation concerning Tyree was allegedly satisfied in the spring, why is it being revisited and being given exceeding attention six months later?

Drinking culture getting out of hand

(11/14/13 5:00am)

On his 21st birthday, Michigan State University junior Bradley McCue went out with his friends to celebrate at a bar. The next morning and 24 shots later, Bradley was dead. This is a tragedy that we hear about all too often from the college party scene, and yet there are not enough realistic efforts being made to encourage responsible drinking regardless of the occasion or social context.