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U. fossil fuel divestment a good idea

(03/27/13 4:00am)

The fossil fuel divestment campaign has finally reached the University, and we are welcoming it with open arms. Focused on drawing concern to the environmental damage they cause, the campaign is pushing for the administration to withdraw its investments in fossil fuel companies. The push for University divestment is part of a national campaign that is spreading across other campuses.

Soda ban ineffective in end goal

(03/26/13 4:00am)

Last September, the New York City Board of Health approved a new regulation to ban large sodas and other sugary drinks throughout the city. Mayor Bloomberg initiated the ban and spawned widespread debate on the possibility of regular soda bans in other cities. The N.Y. State Supreme Court struck down Bloomberg’s initiative on March 11, to the relief of many business owners and consumers in New York.

TCNJ active-shooter efforts admirable

(03/14/13 4:00am)

Leading the way for colleges in New Jersey in mass-shooting safety precautions, The College of New Jersey is using its spring break this week to host “active killer” simulations on campus, according to The simulations are intended to provide real-life practice on how to deal with live fire on school grounds. The activity is quite impressive and should be undertaken by the University as well.

Proposal creates hurdle for unemployed

(03/13/13 4:00am)

Gov. Chris Christie administration is proposing new requirements for obtaining unemployment benefits. According to the proposal, all unemployed New Jersey residents seeking benefits will have to register on the state job board and regularly check it for openings. They will be expected to check in to state officials every week via phone, mail, Internet or in person.

College sexual assault is real

(03/12/13 4:00am)

According to a Daily Princetonian article published last week, Princeton University has been, for the past five years, hiding the results of a sexual assault survey. The survey, conducted in 2008, questioned random students across three classes about their experiences with sexual assault on campus. According to the results, one in six female Princeton students experienced “nonconsensual vaginal penetration.”

‘Citizenship Rutgers’ benefits state

(03/11/13 4:00am)

Yesterday, the Eagleton Institute of Politics held its Citizenship Rutgers program on the College Avenue campus, offering its unique and helpful services to the community-at-large. The program, started in 2011, provides free legal assistance to those trying to obtain full citizenship. It aims to remove the hurdles and ease the process that can otherwise be exceptionally tedious, especially for those that need guidance on how to go about it.

Students should watch more basketball

(03/05/13 5:00am)

Why aren’t students attending University basketball games? As we try to catch what we can of the games on our shoddy 90s television set here in our office, it’s discouraging for us to see so many empty bleachers in the background where our student body should be. Attendance at basketball games doesn’t hold a candle to that of football games, and while that’s inexcusable coming from our extremely loyal, extremely sports-crazed school, we guess we can understand where you’re coming from.

Gun control hype misses the point

(02/26/13 5:00am)

The N.J. Assembly last week passed a series of gun control legislation laws that greatly restrict gun purchases in the state. The set of 22 bills, largely supported by state democrats, are now on their way to the Senate where they will undergo further deliberation. While the move is definitely in the right direction, it focuses primarily on limiting guns rather than addressing the root causes of violence in the first place.

Discussion on tuition equity not over

(02/25/13 5:00am)

You saw this editorial coming. We had high expectations for University President Robert L. Barchi’s town hall meeting last week, and those expectations disappointingly fell flat. We feel that the president’s responses to students’ concerns seemed unaffected and impersonal, especially after a series of personal testimonials from the University community on issues that matter to them. However, the response that was most unsatisfactory to us was that pertaining to in-state tuition for undocumented students.

Q&A?with E.J. Dionne Jr.

(02/21/13 5:00am)

Editor’s Note: E.J. Dionne Jr., a columnist for The Washington Post, visited the University last night to hold a talk for the Eagleton Institute of Politics in the Douglass Campus Center. The Daily Targum’s Thursday columnist Ben Gold had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about issues facing college students and entering the work force.