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Trenton really least romantic city in US?

(02/14/13 5:00am)

Guess what, Jersey? The country is trying to find another reason why our state sucks. Trenton is the least romantic city in the entire United States of America, according to the social-networking site Foursquare. This conclusion was reached by accumulating couples’ Foursquare check-ins since 2007. It looks like Trenton has come in last in the love games, while San Francisco came in first place.

Raising Medicare age­ an ineffective idea

(02/13/13 5:00am)

A new statement from the White House has declared that President Obama is no longer considering the possibility of raising the Medicare age requirement. As part of Obama’s deficit reduction plan in 2011, he offered the idea of gradually raising the age of those covered by Medicare from 65 to 67 in an effort to save money. However, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office found that the nation is spending 2 percent less on Medicare than originally expected.

Drinking app moves toward responsibility

(02/12/13 5:00am)

We really love the “Shots iGot” app that was featured in yesterday’s article, “App helps students measure alcohol content in containers” in The Daily Targum. Designed to let students know how much alcohol they’re actually drinking, the app is very useful to have and can be quite helpful. Because students commonly pour alcohol into plastic bottles, it can be difficult to keep track of how much alcohol is actually being consumed. This app aims to change that.

Israel’s interests hamper state needs

(02/11/13 5:00am)

Last week, a New Jersey construction company lost a multi-million dollar bid to clear waterways from debris left over from Hurricane Sandy. Apparently, they forgot to check off a box on a state paper declaring that they had no financial interest in Iran’s energy sector. J.H. Reid, a company that is now entering its 50th year operating in Middlesex County, simply overlooked the checkbox during the application process and is now appealing the decision.

Dealing with Nemo helps with a name

(02/11/13 5:00am)

It looks like Nemo has found us out here on the East Coast. But should we really be calling the recent snowstorm “Nemo?” According to the National Weather Agency, only hurricanes should receive names. Hurricanes are usually more unusual and cause more damage — naming storms can cause confusion and alarm. The NWA also asserts that it is more difficult to determine where storms start and end because of the varying impact they have on different locations. On the other hand, however, won’t naming snowstorms make life a little easier for us all?

Mandatory tuition fees raise concerns

(02/06/13 5:00am)

NJPIRG has historically been a source of controversy at the University because of the mandatory inclusion of its student fee on students’ term bills. While students have the option of opting out of the fee, NJPIRG is still financed by University students on the pretense of addressing the issues facing our student body. In this context, we are forced to question why our student-contributed money is being used in … Arizona?

Middle East needs students’ concern

(02/05/13 5:00am)

Last week, outside missiles were shot into Syrian borders, and various sources speculated that Israel was behind the attack. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak made statements that seemingly affirmed Israel’s involvement, on top of Time’s shocking report from a Western intelligence official that the White House gave Israel “the green light” to commit further attacks in on Syria the future. The justification behind the support of the airstrike, which hit a Syrian defense facility, is in the case of rebels trying to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. Apparently, the term “WMDs” — that embarrassing reminder of United States’ failed foreign policy — still exists, and is now present in Syria.

Health care mandate stirs controversy

(02/05/13 5:00am)

While we recognize that the general American trend is heading in the direction of mandatory healthcare fees, we feel that it University students cannot be expected to pay up to $2,000 for new health fees in September. If New Jersey State bills A3546 and S2291 pass, then students statewide will see an upturn in their tuition bills. As New Jersey’s largest higher education institution, this is problematic and can create a tremendous burden on the student body.

Revenge porn websites unethical

(02/04/13 5:00am)

We’re kind of shocked by how low some people can get on the scumbag scale. We heard about a story on CNN about a young lady getting recognized on the street for unknowingly being featured on a “revenge porn site.” You read that right. Apparently, the way some guys are choosing to deal with their anger from failed relationships is by posting their ex’s sex pictures online, right along with their personal contact information, just in case the legions of perverts online have any trouble finding them on Facebook. We really can’t make this stuff up.

A public appeal to President Barchi

(01/31/13 5:00am)

It comes with great surprise and disappointment for us to hear that members of the University student body have been unsuccessfully competing for a chance to discuss pressing issues with University President Robert L. Barchi. With urgent issues on the table like instate tuition fees, the window of time to discuss these issues is rapidly closing amid countless excuses and stalling from the University president’s office. In order to fulfill his promises of engaging students, it is necessary that Barchi find the time to meet with student leaders in the next two weeks.