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Mandatory tuition fees raise concerns

(02/06/13 5:00am)

NJPIRG has historically been a source of controversy at the University because of the mandatory inclusion of its student fee on students’ term bills. While students have the option of opting out of the fee, NJPIRG is still financed by University students on the pretense of addressing the issues facing our student body. In this context, we are forced to question why our student-contributed money is being used in … Arizona?

Middle East needs students’ concern

(02/05/13 5:00am)

Last week, outside missiles were shot into Syrian borders, and various sources speculated that Israel was behind the attack. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak made statements that seemingly affirmed Israel’s involvement, on top of Time’s shocking report from a Western intelligence official that the White House gave Israel “the green light” to commit further attacks in on Syria the future. The justification behind the support of the airstrike, which hit a Syrian defense facility, is in the case of rebels trying to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. Apparently, the term “WMDs” — that embarrassing reminder of United States’ failed foreign policy — still exists, and is now present in Syria.

Health care mandate stirs controversy

(02/05/13 5:00am)

While we recognize that the general American trend is heading in the direction of mandatory healthcare fees, we feel that it University students cannot be expected to pay up to $2,000 for new health fees in September. If New Jersey State bills A3546 and S2291 pass, then students statewide will see an upturn in their tuition bills. As New Jersey’s largest higher education institution, this is problematic and can create a tremendous burden on the student body.

Revenge porn websites unethical

(02/04/13 5:00am)

We’re kind of shocked by how low some people can get on the scumbag scale. We heard about a story on CNN about a young lady getting recognized on the street for unknowingly being featured on a “revenge porn site.” You read that right. Apparently, the way some guys are choosing to deal with their anger from failed relationships is by posting their ex’s sex pictures online, right along with their personal contact information, just in case the legions of perverts online have any trouble finding them on Facebook. We really can’t make this stuff up.

A public appeal to President Barchi

(01/31/13 5:00am)

It comes with great surprise and disappointment for us to hear that members of the University student body have been unsuccessfully competing for a chance to discuss pressing issues with University President Robert L. Barchi. With urgent issues on the table like instate tuition fees, the window of time to discuss these issues is rapidly closing amid countless excuses and stalling from the University president’s office. In order to fulfill his promises of engaging students, it is necessary that Barchi find the time to meet with student leaders in the next two weeks.

Q&A with Amy Goodman, host of ‘Democracy Now!’

(01/30/13 5:00am)

Editor’s Note: Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”, visited the University last night in the Rutgers Student Center Multipurpose Room for a lecture hosted by the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs. The Daily Targum’s Thursday columnist Joe Amditis had the opportunity to catch up with her and ask a few questions.

New?RUcore policy opens online repository

(01/29/13 5:00am)

According to the recently passed University Senate policy known as “Open Access”, faculty and scholars will be required to share all of their work in the University libraries’ online repository called RUcore. While RUcore has served the student body for years, this new development is one literary reform, amongst a few others, that will expand the system into a more effective, more efficient environment for libraries campus wide.

State wage efforts need adjustment

(01/29/13 5:00am)

With increasing debate over the proposed minimum wage bill in the state legislature, Gov. Chris Christie is flexing his political guns in stopping a change that he feels isn’t in the state’s best interest. Because of his belief that the economy isn’t strong enough to handle the Democrats’ proposed $1.00 wage increase, he’s instead suggested that attention be paid to the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is aimed at the working poor. The catch? He has already slashed funding to the tax credit program, and his “compromise” is that he reinstates the money back to the program so long as his changes to the bill are agreed upon.

Uphill struggle for undocumented students

(01/28/13 5:00am)

With recent developments regarding the New Jersey bills on tuition for undocumented students, it has become clear that RUSA has more to do regarding campus awareness on the issues. Illegal immigrant students continue to face an uphill battle when it comes to equal access to higher education. The case of in-state tuition for undocumented students remains in a limbo, as the Rutgers University Student Assembly continues to make its case for the two bills that can change the futures of numerous University students.

Pearson contract increases U. value

(01/24/13 5:00am)

Earlier this month, the University partnered with Pearson eCollege, a Colorado distance learning company that provides partner institutions with online learning software services necessary for virtual education. The seven-year contract, according to University administrators, will bring thousands of online students to the school by 2020, both increasing its reach and the resources available to students on campus and beyond. As education in the 21st century continues to redefine itself, all should laud the University’s newest plunge into the world of online education.

U. parking: We’re still complaining

(01/23/13 5:00am)

In an article published in yesterday’s issue of The Daily Targum, Jack Molenaar, director of the Department of Transportation Services at the University, addressed several issues students face in regards to parking on campus. “Our goal is not to catch people,” Molenaar said of the approach employed by DOTS when ticketing offenders, “it’s to enforce the rules.” He then went on to explain how enforcement officers — through video security footage of suspects walking away from their cars and by Facebook searches of the individual’s name to find evidence of a ticket — go about enforcing those rules.

Sandy relief should not see further delay

(01/22/13 5:00am)

Over the break, the House of Representatives passed a $50 billion federal relief package for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The package, which includes $17 billion in immediate aid and $33.6 billion in long-term aid, is designed to speed up recovery efforts in those areas still rebuilding after the October storm. Relief for those affected by the historic storm cannot come soon enough, and a Senate vote to approve the bill this week should not be delayed.