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9/15/2019 11:42pm

EDITORIAL: Schools across nation isolate, shame students

Jefferson Sharpnack, an Ohio primary school student, had to already overcome the difficulties of being the new kid at school, when earlier this month, cafeteria staff had confronted him in front of all his schoolmates and took away his cheesy breadsticks. It was his birthday. 

9/15/2019 11:33pm

COMMENTARY: Fight fo climate justice is our fight for our future

The idea of loss has become a central theme in how global warming is presented: species lost, habitats lost, communities lost and lives lost.  Although it is true that these disappearances are irreversible and deeply alarming, for me, the framing of loss presents an interesting kind of contradiction.

9/15/2019 11:38pm

DUNLEVY: Phrasing is increasingly important in messages

What is contained in a message?   The question is nothing new. Academic superstar Marshall McLuhan’s assertion that “the medium is the message” back in the 1960s was the talk of the town in academia for a long time, and it goes without saying that entire areas of study, and entire careers, are focused around specific ways of communicating ideas in certain contexts. 


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