EDITORIAL: Bus system in need of serious reform

This Monday there were two bus fires, delaying tens of — if not upward of — hundreds of students from reaching their destinations on time (as well as the obvious safety issue presented).  Bus travel is as intrinsic a part of a Rutgers education as the school itself. The school is divided into five separate campuses, concentrated in four different regions of the greater New Brunswick area. 


EDITORIAL: Daily Targum continues to serve, inform

On April 30, The Daily Targum failed to pass referendum across the Rutgers–New Brunswick campus for the first time since receiving its independence from the University in 1980.  Whether it was an indictment of our reporting or a reflection of a disengaged student body, we took the referendum results as an opportunity to reorganize and refocus our efforts as an independent news organization.


EDITORIAL: Insensitive tuition increase reflects U.'s decline

We cannot simply withdraw into a dark age of disconnection and disengagement. We are no longer just the beneficiaries of the generations before us waiting for a seat at the table, and we are no longer mere bystanders to the political discourse in this country. We are members of the Rutgers community, a microcosm of the world in which we cannot blindly inherit the corrosive trends of our declining direction.


EDITORIAL: America needs strong influx of immigrants

The obstructing haze of misinformation and manipulation thickens as a means of galvanizing movements of hate. With attempts to place immigration as a centerpiece for the 2020 presidential election, the volume of fear mongering and fictitious rhetoric deployed increases. President Donald J. Trump has adopted an erroneous new message regarding migrants seeking refuge in the United States: “Our country is full.”


EDITORIAL: Rights, justice must extend to environment

We gaze out and see what is ours for consumption, ours for ownership. We claim a callous superiority as if we rule over the dominion with absolute distinction. But in doing so, in accepting the culturally ingrained perception that our relation to nature is one of master and slave, conqueror and conquered, we ignore our duties of justice and our intertwined, codependent existence.

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