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Corn, tomatos, black olives and an array of seasonings can be used to make a flavorful lettuce wrap.

Serving up the best Brower dish for last

“WRAPPING” UP THE YEAR: For this semester’s last addition of Dining by Design, I used the best that Brower had to offer in the ways of veggies and protein to ‘cook’ up some lettuce wraps! A lighter version than the traditional wrap, the lettuce still provides adequate shelter to the flavorful filling.

For those looking for a nutritious vegetarian meal, the Maoz “Meal Deal” combines falafel with a customer’s choice of toppings. The Meal Deal above is paired with crispy sweet potato fries and “Up Beet” juice, which combines apples, beets, carrots, ginger, celery and oranges.

International chain brings vegetarian options to New Brunswick

“Maoz,” which means courage or strength in Hebrew, is the name of an international vegetarian chain originated in Amsterdam. Maoz Vegetarian, which has a branch in New Brunswick at 385 George St., also has worldwide locations in Brazil, France, the Netherlands and Spain. Maoz’s commitment to serve 100 percent vegetarian and kosher fare is evident right when customers walk in the door.

Dining hall patrons can use Nutella and other spreads to give fruits and snack foods an extra kick.

Spreads, sandwiches can spice up Brower

Fun Fondue: The dining hall offers plenty of food items that could be made better by smothering them with chocolate and dipping them in a variety of toppings. This half-healthy, half-sugary dessert is easily customizable and fully delicious. Aside from apples, pears, bananas and pretzels, other ‘dippers’ can include potato chips and cookies.

“That’s My Jam,” a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s new “Cores” line, is a chocolate and raspberry ice cream.

Ice cream lovers can now scoop ‘Cores’

Ben & Jerry’s, known for their unique ice cream flavors, has introduced a new way of eating ice cream. The “Core” line, which first debuted two months ago, features five new flavors with centers of fudge, caramel or raspberry jam. Each pint features two ice cream flavors with a filling in the center to separate them. The concept of “cores” guarantees ice cream lovers flavor in every bite. 

In fewer than five minutes, rich, fudgy and chocolatey brownies can be prepared using a microwave and five simple ingredients.

Dorm delicacies: microwave brownies

It’s past midnight, you’re doing that last-minute assignment and your sweet tooth suddenly kicks in. You want something decadent and chocolaty, but the dining hall is closed and the closest convenience store is a bus ride away. Now you can’t concentrate on the assignment because you’re craving something to eat.

A Kryspy Super S’more filled with marshmallows, Nutella, sunflowerseeds and cereal.

Sophomore crowned new Iron Chef Brower

Iron Chef Brower, a culinary contest that invites students to create meals using the food and appliances available in Brower’s main dining room, took place yesterday at Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus. The students competed for three top slots, creating dishes judged on taste and presentation, among other criteria.

Bulgogi Bibimbap includes thin slices of rib eye steak, picked radish, sautéed carrots, julienned yellow squash, steamed spinach and a side of red pepper paste.

Bonchon Chicken bonds Korean food with world cuisine

Bonchon means “my hometown” in Korean, and the goal of this New Brunswick eatery is to bring Korean comfort food to customers around the globe. Jinduk Seh founded Bonchon Chicken with the goal of sharing one of Korea’s favorite comfort foods with the world, fried chicken. With years of experience cooking Korean cuisine, he perfected a fried chicken recipe that is juicy, crispy and flavorful, according to Bonchon’s website.

Dessert prepared using mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip and strawberry ice cream.

How to make the best dining hall ice cream sandwiches

This dessert is surely not for those who are trying to tread lightly in the sugar department, though in the midst of those mid-semester blues that tend to set in with exams, work and the (all too) distant thought of summer, these ice cream sandwiches are sure to cheer you up. Basically, grab any two (or six) cookies off the line and scoop your favorite ice cream in between, pressing the cookies down to flatten the sandwich slightly.

Sausage stuffed mushrooms are one of the many menu specials that A Better World Café offers in addition to its complementary dishes.

'A Better World Café' aims to create sustainable world where all may eat

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 17.6 million of U.S. households were food insecure in 2012. In addition to air and shelter, food is one of the basic needs that all humans need to survive. One in six people in the United States are at risk of hunger, according to feedingamerica.org. A Better World Café located at 19 S. 2nd Ave. in Highland Park, N.J., always offers a complementary dish, in addition to the specials in the menu, said Jacquelyn Juricic, Rutgers alumna and house manager at A Better World Café.

The BurgerFi Cheeseburger combines all natural, free-range beef, cheese, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce. Customers can wash it down with a Mexican soft drink or craft beer.

Restaurant moves to ‘BurgerFi’ city with all-natural ingredients

Iceberg lettuce buns, Mexican soda and concrete ice cream. These ingredients are only a few of the options at BurgerFi, which opened its first New Jersey location two weeks ago on George Street and serves a twist on the traditional burgers-and-fries model. BurgerFi, which stands for “BurgerFication of the Nation,” began in Florida and is one of the fastest-growing franchises, with 63 stores currently opened in the United States.

The apricot and grilled chicken salad, topped with celery and onions, can be eaten on its own or on bread.

Fresh food alternatives available at dining halls

It isn’t very convenient for us students to incorporate fruits and vegetables into our daily diets away at college. Often on the run, with the temptation of take-out or the other greasy fast food options available around here, what’s the incentive to choose something fresh? Here’s why — With 70 percent of college students gaining an average of 12 pounds by graduation, making healthier choices once in a while could keep you fit and trim for your future.

Easton Thai Kitchen’s Pad Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle dish consisting of tofu, bean sprouts, scallion, ground peanut, egg and choice of meat, is known as the “Talk of the Town.”

Local restaurant brings taste of Thailand to city

With so many restaurants in the New Brunswick food scene, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Easton Thai Kitchen, located at 144 Easton Ave., is a humble restaurant with big flavor. Opened in March 2013, this small establishment has a casual atmosphere with no dedicated wait staff. Food is brought from any one of the employees.

French toast topped with a sauce made of whipped cream, honey, cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg.

DIY breakfast options abound to start every morning right

Thirty-one million Americans, or 10 percent of the population, skip breakfast each day, according to The Huffington Post. As college students, we are no strangers to skipping the morning meal. But according to WebMB, breakfast is necessary for healthy brain function. Additionally, skipping breakfast is linked to obesity. Basically, eat your breakfast. You’ll feel energized and ready to tackle the everyday challenges of college life.

Indochine, located at 371 George St., offers Vietnamese options ranging from salads, egg rolls and spring rolls to traditional dishes like Pho Thai and Banh Mi.

Indochine serves up classic Vietnamese cuisine ‘Pho’ you

There is nothing quite like street food. Though the city of New Brunswick seems outside the fascinating world of portable eats served out of roadside stalls, Indochine at 371 George St. has been serving up a variety of Vietnamese street food classics in a sit-down environment. Indochine’s appetizers include several types of salads, egg rolls and spring rolls.

A bruschetta prepared using bread, olive oil, tomatoes, spices and cheese.

Dining delves into Italian, Thai treats

Did you know you could make a five-star Italian-restaurant style appetizer a few feet away from your dorm? PERFECTA BRUSCHETTA: Brower Commons offers all of the ingredients to make the classic Italian antipasto. This classy dish is made using bread, olive oil, tomatoes and the perfect combination of spices: garlic powder, salt, pepper, red pepper and thyme topped with mozzarella cheese to create a perfectly spiced and deliciously satisfying start to any meal.

MaxiYumm’s Creperie on Albany Street offers a wide range of sweet and savory crepes.

MaxiYumm’s Creperie brings sweet, savory flavors to city

As a global gastronomic sensation, the crepe has transcended borders. Though the word “crepe” has its origins in the French culture, the thin pancake has enjoyed popularity all over the world — in Argentina, Germany, Japan and more. Now, the crepe is spreading to New Brunswick. MaxiYumm’s Creperie opened five months ago at 88 Albany St.

Cookie Rush, located at 176 Easton Ave., opened last December to provide baked-to-order cookies for either delivery or pickup. They offer about 20 different cookies, from chocolate chip to red velvet, as well as milkshakes and ice cream options.

Cookie Rush delivers desserts across New Brunswick

When 2 a.m. hits, the delivery options become scarce. After a few late nights, pizza and Chinese food start to lose their luster. Fortunately, relief from the monotony of nocturnal eats has finally arrived. Cookie Rush, located at 176 Easton Ave., opened its doors last December. Specializing in baked-to-order cookies, the shop differentiates itself from typical bakeries with its late-night delivery service.

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