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Humans of Rutgers

"What's been motivating you recently?"
"How so?"
"Lately I've been setting many goals for myself and when I come up short, it really fuels my fire."

"I want to really hone in on the importance of associations, and that there's beauty in every association that you carry. It doesn't have to mean, you know, giving flowers to someone, but you just have to show them how meaningful they are to you. No matter if that means walking around campus with a bouquet of twelve roses in your hands; it's showing that the experiences that you've had with them have been fulfilling, and that you feel as if in the future, your encounters will be even more meaningful."

"Being in New Brunswick as opposed to living on campus...it's like being a real human being instead of a college prototype.... I can gage the community I'm in now instead of solely knowing the Rutgers community."

"The sleeves started out as pillowcases, so I can't take credit for that, but I made this myself"

"Anything that looks fun, I'll do. I walk around, anything that attracts me, I move with the wind... You know Pocahontas? That's why I'm moving that way, because my hair is blowing that way."

"Headbands from the 70s and 80s man, can ya dig?"

"What's the weirdest thing about being in an all-male a cappella group?"
"Being in an all-male acappella group!"

"I became an EMT when I was 16, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. However, it did make me grow up faster than your average 16-year-old. The first time I did CPR on someone, it was a person who got in a fight with their parents. They left the house and overdosed on drugs. It really made me realize how precious life really is. And made me appreciate everything I have."

"I fell in like with him from the first moment I met him, and I kinda had to warm him up to me..."
"What's your side of the story?"
"When I saw her at swing dance club, I thought right before the lesson, lemme start dancing to get the people hooked on... but it was really just to impress her."

"So then what do you guys like better, engineering or swimming?"
"Probably swimming...but they're both torture."

Comedy isn't just for the stage

"We're out here selling candy, attracting positivity instead of getting these kids into the wrong stuff. For a good cause too, supporting our music and allowing us to keep recording tracks for the project we got going on."

"We traveled about... 38,000 kilometers."
"I'm gonna need a conversion to miles."
"Divide by 1.5"
"Yeah, let's just say I traveled for... 48 hours to get here."
"And you?"

"Some friends and I call her Trinity. Like the girl in The Matrix... But she doesn't even go here."

"What do you love most about your son?"
Dad: "What isn't there to love?"
Mom: "Right! He doesnt have a worry in the world."

"What's your greatest fear?"
"Hmm, becoming complacent. Becoming satisfied as I am and with how things are; and not growing, not expanding myself as we should."

"We're cousins."
"What's your favorite thing about eachother?"
(laughing) "We were just talking about this before. We're first generation, so we both like making fun of our immigrant parents all the time."

"I'm gonna be going into medicine; and doing this research will, I don't know, 'elevate' me as a possible candidate for medical school.... Medical school, I chose because I wanna help people. I look around me and I see people going to foreign countries when there's plenty of sick people here that we need to help. So I figured I want to do that."

"Took me over 30 tries, but we got it."

"He's been living here since 1950. We used to work together across the street. Now I live here with him and help him out every day."