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Humans of Rutgers

"We are training the people, who in the future, will have a direct impact on employee satisfaction with your jobs, and employers' ability to produce; which eventually has an impact on the employee's family, which eventually has an impact on the next generation, which eventually has an impact on people who don't think they can do things that are surprised by what they can do. And it's a marvelous thing to see and practice."

"I'm from Italy, she's from Russia."
"Ah, I'm Russian too!"
"...Did Putin send you?"

"If you're healthy, why not help make someone else a little bit better? It's almost like 'treat others the way you want to be treated.' Instead, just help people feel how you feel. Because a lot of people, we take for granted how we can do this, walk around and not be sick. And there are people with cancer going through treatments, or you know, this and that.... I would love for someone to help me in that situation."

"So why dance?"
"It's a getaway. A getaway from... the problems in life. There's no stress involved. You just dance. It's a freedom of expression."

"And what does Islam mean to you?"
"Purpose of life, knowing where you came from, and knowing right from wrong. It encompasses everything."

"We're actually sisters.... She's cooler."

"I'm totally introverted."
"What are you trying to do to break out of that?"
"I'm doing it right now! I'm studying Pick-Up.... So pretty much, I go around and I see a cute girl and I say, 'hey what's up,' and then I start talking to them, get their number, take them out, see what happens. I've been workin' on it."

"Well, I was working on poems for Creative Writing. I got writer's block."