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'Hole-in-the-wall' Japanese food never tasted so good

Nestled comfortably in between Tumulty’s Irish Pub and Beauty Plus Inc., the Japanese restaurant Teri Teri isn’t in the most obvious location for any customers searching for that unique dining spot on George Street.  I visited this “hole-in-the-wall” with two friends who, like me, were at first rather underwhelmed by the simple appearance of the restaurant, but slightly reassured by the Rutgers pride that was present from several iconic red R’s welcoming customers into the establishment.


U. stages festival for NJ-based filmmakers

Appearing at the month-long NJ Film Festival last weekend were three short films from New Jersey- based filmmakers and a feature length coming-of- age tale from Canada. “Broken Tiaras,” from a webseries titled “Meet the Ladybugs” by Dorothy Wallace, follows a group of anthropomorphized ladybugs in a rock band who fight gender-based wrongs.


How chocolate gets me through college and life

College is a very tough time in a person's life, or at least it is for me. Countless nights of staying up till 2 a.m., anxiety about trying to achieve that perfect grade, trying to juggle a social life and other obstacles that are in the way, it all can just be flat too much.


Detox from syllabus week by getting your life in order

Autumn is coming, and Rutgers — New Brunswick is ready. This past weekend the Scarlet Knights defeated Howard in the first home football game of the season, the closing of add/drop has officially locked us into our academic schedules and students have begun sporting flannels to class.


Rutgers-affiliated band releases doo-wop inspired EP

Harkening the classic wave-break shore sound of surf rock, the South Jersey based alternative band Shy Shape has a new EP, "Out at Night", and it suits the season well.  Fresh off the beach with splashes of doo-wop and surf rock, the tracks on this album are surprisingly diverse and hard hitting.

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