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Forget Starbucks! Make Caffe Bene your new study spot

Caffe Bene is like no other place on George Street, let alone in New Brunswick. Once you walk in it’s like stepping into a new, tranquil world — minus the sound of New Brunswick traffic or the EE’s brakes screeching in your ear. The space itself is larger than you might imagine.


The Final(s) Coffeehouse

The Final(s) Coffeehouse concert kicked off with a bang and a few guitar rifts Thursday night as Rutgers students were treated with some sweet tunes to get pumped before finals week sucks the life out of us. This coffeehouse was a special edition, as Rutgers students were introduced to some extraordinary talent from the local area.


Hip-hop music festival unites students

On April 16th, the Black Student Union hosted their 40th Annual Unity Day, a free music festival encouraging students to bond and enjoy good vibes while local hip-hop artists grace the stage outside the Paul Robeson Cultural Center.


Cabaret Theatre performs 'Rent'

On Friday, April 15 Cabaret Theatre put on its fourth of its six showings of Jonathan Larson’s “Rent.” The play was co-sponsored by the Center for Social Justice and LGBT Communities as a part of their "GAYpril" list of events. “Rent” is a play about a group of friends living in New York City who encounter economic hardship, infidelity, LGBT discrimination, drug addiction and sexually transmitted diseases.


Go to circa 2000 with Flammable Animal's new EP

Returning back onto the beloved chopping block of a music scene known as the New Brunswick underground, Flammable Animals, hailing from Asbury Park, released their latest EP: "All These Wolves." It seems that the group has completely overhauled their sound, and for the better — now with punchier drums, deeper bass, articulate guitars and a more daring attack than ever before seen with their vocals.


U. ‘raves’ over Cash Cash at College Avenue gym

The College Avenue gymnasium turned into a rave last Friday night. I don't think I've ever seen so many flashing lights in a gym before, and it's all thanks to Cash Cash taking a pit stop at Rutgers.  Flowers in hair, rhinestones on my face, neon-clothed head to toe, I was ready to rave — I'm completely kidding, I would never be caught dead dressed like that.  As I maneuvered my way into the sea of drunk college ravers, I came across the opening act.


Spring drag show takes over Demarest Hall

“Lip-synching, hip-swinging, norm-flinging and singing,” were all encouraged for participants at the spring drag show at Demarest Hall. The event was free and open to all Rutgers students. The show will include people in and out of drag, but most of the performances will be in drag, said Alexander Bowers, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences sophomore and the organizer of the drag show.  Generally, performers are either lip-synching or singing along and dancing, he said. The drag show has been a traditional event that has been a long lasting part of the Demarest building's history, he said. “I'd want students to take away how arbitrary the concept of gender roles are,” Bowers said.  Drag is a form of exaggerating and playing off of the constructs of gender that normally constrains society, he said. “It's fun but behind it is a really powerful narrative of, ‘look at these norms in a different way and how nonsensical they really are when shown through this light,’” he said. It was one fierce and fabulous night at Demarest Hall on Thursday night, one that would even make RuPaul proud. The lights were out, the strobes were on and the high-heels were sharpened to perfection as the annual Demarest Hall drag show popped off without a hitch. As soon as you entered the room fun and friendly smiles greeted you as music from all different decades seemed to welcome you into a wonderland of drag. Kings and queens of the art dressed to the nines as the atmosphere screamed "be yourself", and "live your life" exactly how you want to live it.


Serial dating leads to no good if not communicated correctly

Finding a significant other is big part of being a young adult. Regardless of all the jobs, internships, club and classes you are involved we as human beings still have this compelling desire to find someone to occupy our time in a romantic capacity, which is okay, but we all have very different methods of achieving this College students in general are notorious for not being the most committed while dating, but sometimes there is a method to the madness.


Corefest helps New Brunswick-based bands get noticed

Corefest, the annual music festival hosted by 90.3 The Core, transformed the Cook Campus Center’s multipurpose room into every independent basement show-playing band in New Brunswick’s dream venue. Like Cinderella’s Ball, Corefest is an opportunity for bands that typically only play intimate shows in basements around Rutgers, to get on a real stage and play for a large audience. Any given weekend in New Brunswick, there are students who morph into our favorite local musicians — playing rock or jazz or pop-punk shows, and once every year we get to cheer for them above ground thanks to 90.3 The Core. “New Brunswick has a very vibrant local music scene, especially in terms of indie music, and indie-rock,” Business Director and DJ Matt Tomasello said.

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