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Say 'holy guacamole' to Tacoria on Easton Avenue

Tacoria is exactly the restaurant Easton Avenue needed — it’s fun, there’s outdoor seating, you can bring beer and the food is spectacular.  I was hesitant at first, why would I go to a place that doesn’t even know how to spell Taqueria when there are so many other excellent Mexican restaurants in New Brunswick?


Your go-to music festivals for this summer

Ah, the smell and sound of summer is in the air — and by sound I mean that sweet music of the festival season. It’s like a right of passage in life to attend a festival at least once with a few friends, a few beers and a crop top or two. As the semester comes to an end, here is a go-to list of epic music festivals so you can get jiggy with it.


TWESE showcases African fashion with energetic show

On March 5, the College Avenue Student Center was transformed into a high-fashion event as the Organization for African Students & Friends of Africa (TWESE) held their 25th annual fashion show. The TWESE Fashion Show is an event where fashion statements from Africa are showcased for students, which demonstrate their African pride and heritage.  The official site for TWESE provides a mission statement about the organization stating, “TWESE ... has been a cultural group at Rutgers University since 1991, formed to provide a haven for students with African interests, and as an avenue to better educate the entire Rutgers community on African issues."  The word "TWESE" means "unity" in Kinya-Rwanda. The night was truly one for fashion lovers of all types.

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