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There was 'No Chill' at Vic Mensa's Beats on the Banks performance

Vic Mensa certainly wasn't "down on his luck" at last night's electrifying Beats on the Banks performance hosted by the Rutgers University Programming Association. The 22-year-old hip-hop artist received a lot of positive reactions during his performance at the Rutgers College Avenue Gymnasium, although his predecessors on the stage had some mixed reviews and feedback from students. The doors opened at 7 p.m. and students walked into a mix of mash-ups, techno and house music under the performance of Daniel Boutoussov, a School of the Arts and Sciences junior, performing under his DJ name, "Chayu." Boutoussov was highly energetic and eagerly interacted with the crowd during his time on stage.  Although about one-third of the total crowd arrived in time for Boutoussov’s performance, the students in attendance seemed to be enjoying his music and level of interaction. Kevin Lopez, a School of Engineering junior, was impressed with Boutoussov's performance. “The opening performance was great, I liked the diversity in genres.” Lopez said.


Rad Cat stops by Hidden Grounds just in time for sweater weather

The hot coffee brewed as people poured through the doors of Hidden Grounds coffee shop last Thursday evening, seeking haven from the chilly rain and seeking a new fall wardrobe. A beloved Easton Avenue coffee spot, Hidden Grounds frequently hosts pop-up shops for artisan vendors, but none share the special connection quite like the one with Rad Cat.  MK Rix, the brand’s founder, curator and chief operator, dreamt up the vision for the label while still a Mason Gross School of the Arts student only a few years ago.


Get your falafel on with Mamouns Middle Eastern cuisine

On Easton Avenue, you will never need to venture far to find a slice of pizza or a convenience store. But an authentic, ethnic eatery can be a bit more difficult to find. Luckily, there lies a hole-in-the-wall falafel restaurant on the intersection of Easton Avenue and Condict Street that brings the heart and soul of Middle Eastern cuisine back to New Brunswick.


Sweat out all of your Halloweekend regrets!

While "Halloweekend" seems like a boozy, sugar-coated distant memory, chances are you're still feeling its draining after-effects. Although Halloweekend is depicted as the greatest three days of a college student’s life, its aftermath will have you looking more like a zombie than the one you saw walking down College Avenue on actual Halloween.


Need a 'hero,' Jimmy John's delivers speedy subs

Don't have time to step out for a meal? Enjoy a gourmet sandwich from Jimmy John's. Located at 8 Easton Ave., Jimmy John’s offers both booth and table seating in a distinctive fast food-style arrangement. You can place your order at the front counter and your sandwich is prepared within minutes.


Inside Beat Paper Fortune Teller Drinking Game

While Halloween sounds super fun in theory, we all know that between all the costume planning and party organizing, the only thing you really want to do by the end of Halloweekend is black out with a giant bottle of wine and bag of candy while watching "Hocus Pocus." But Inside Beat is here to remind those that are 21 and over, that this holiday only comes once a year, so it’s time to jump into that costume you’ve had planned for this day since last month, and grab your friends for a pre-game that will leave you buzzed enough to endure the crowded bars and frat basements.


No-bake cemetery cheesecake dip for your party

With the arrival of Halloween, many of us are excited preparing our costumes and deciding on plans. Whether you're hosting a pregame or headed to a costume party, you might want to prepare something special for your friends to make up for not trick or treating. This no-bake, super yummy cemetery cheesecake dip is an easy treat to make this Halloween.


Classic Halloween movies to "Netflix and Chill" with

Leaves are changing color, temperatures are dropping and we're on the brink of cuffing season, that's how fall works. If you're looking to cozy up with a consenting significant other this Halloween, here are few classic Halloween-themed movies that should be on your "Netflix and Chill" queue.  Halloween (1978) The biggest classic in the history of Halloween movies, this is a great movie to ask someone to watch with you because no other movie could be more in the spirit of the season.

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