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What's your St. Paddy's day sloshed style?

Those 21 and over at Rutgers will find any excuse to drink. On snow days, you would think the liquor stores are giving out alcohol for free. When spring rolls around, the minute temperatures hit 60 degrees, backyards around New Brunswick are filled to maximum capacity while classrooms have maybe 2 or 3 desks filled with kids who obviously didn’t get the memo.


50 shades of green, making the holiday hue work for you

They say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, making the hunt for celebratory green all the more competitive. While many holiday festivities necessitate out of ordinary fashion codes – cough cough Halloweekend – St. Patty’s is singular in its steadfast sartorial demands.


Combating your winter beauty woes

Shakespeare once wrote “now is the winter of our discontent.” A line that might be irrelevant outside of an English class surprisingly becomes just the opposite if we imagine our respective beauty regimes as personified rebels, quoting the Bard’s line back to us in a fit of winter inspired rage.


There's no place like home, how to live stylishly off-campus

The dawn of midterms is approaching, the sun sets a little later each evening and hushed murmurs of a fabled, promised break could mean only one thing: winter is on her way out, and spring is on her way in. For those returning to the University next fall, the months of February and March are celebratory times to pop champagne and find just the right emojii to express your excitement over your new "place." The decision to move from an on campus residence hall to an off-campus spot is nothing less than a ceremonial right of passage as you transition up the ranks as a Rutgers student. Once the initial glitter of renting your own place fades and settles to dust, and you realize you are actually responsible for dealing with a landlord, utilities and preserving some level of cleanliness on a daily basis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities that come with being an owner of an off-campus apartment or house.  Though the chapter of vintage movie star posters, micro-fridges and floor meetings is nearing a close, another story of tea lights, cork boards and house dinners is just about to begin. You do not need to break the bank to blaze a trail — the secret is to trust your instincts as well as your budget and to also take your time.

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