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Valentine's gifts no one asked for

The most romantic day of the year is approaching faster than a coked-up heartbeat. If there’s a certain someone in your life who you like even when you’re not drunk, you’re probably busy trying to decide between flowers and chocolates. However, both options are incorrect. What you really need is something so original that it’s actually slightly disturbing. What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means: three Valentine’s Day gift ideas that no one asked for.


Valentines Day Drink

Whether you’re planning on playing footsie with that special someone at a romantic restaurant, canoodling in the kitchen while making a homemade Valentine’s day dinner, or rebelling against the holiday by taking advantage of the various heart shaped pizza deals with friends, somehow, food in its various forms always seems to steal the Valentine’s Day spotlight.


The Evolution of Valentines Day

As the radio stations begin to play the same cycle of slow ballads, and your TV is overtaken by jewelry store advertisements, Cupid readies his bow and arrow, preparing to take aim at hearts this February 14th.


DIY Valentines Day Gifts

DIY V-day Gifts Low on time, cash, and creative ideas? You’re in luck. We’re about to save you tons of trouble and money, at no cost to impressing your loved one(s).  Edible Arrangement  Chocolate is the go-to-treat, but oh so basic.

Of all tanning methods, bulb tanning provides a streak free and line free tan giving you a more natural glow.

Keep your glow all year round with self tanning method

Some like it bronze, some like it gold –– but whether you identify as friend or foe of the tanning industry, it is impossible to ignore its presence on Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus. In correlation with the eternal popularity of fitness culture in the collegiate environment, a trend only boosted through the rise of social media, ladies and gentleman alike are attracted to the appearance of a healthy glow, especially off-season. With Greek formal recruitment set to launch this weekend and spring break a slim six weeks away, now is the time to read the fine print and perfect your own sunless routine.

Courtesy of Michael Anderson | Michael Anderson, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, joined Verbal Mayhem because it combines his love for poetry and theatre and provides him with a creative outlet.

Poet finds community for creative expression, perspectives

In light of Snowpocalypse 2015, Michael Anderson spent the past two days holed up in his apartment watching movies. He decided to watch the new blockbuster movie “Into the Woods,” and has one thing to say about it. “It sucked,” the School of Arts and Sciences sophomore said. “The plot sucked, the music sucked and all the melodies sucked.”

To make cutting back on junk food and losing weight easier this semester, set a realistic amount of pounds to lose and continue from there. Smartphone apps make it easier to track your daily food intake and physical activity.

Breaking habits, avoiding resolution commitment phobia

Amidst the shouted New Year’s Eve ball drop countdown and couples lip-locking as the clock struck that fateful double digit is the promise of a new year, ripe with opportunity. When the glittery, champagne soaked excitement of New Year’s Eve fades into the confetti-strewn floor, the call to commit to a New Year’s resolution sounds. As January comes to a close, Inside Beat presents a list of the top 5 most popular (and not surprisingly, most commonly broken) resolutions, and explains how to avoid the inevitable resolution commitment issues.


Revisiting albums that shaped my early 2000s childhood

It is both a blessing and a curse to be able to easily access songs through a few clicks of a mouse. We’ve gone from the bulky Walkman and shelves of dusty cassette tapes to virtual libraries that store much more than just literature. Listening to an album from start to finish has become just as rare as going out and purchasing a physical CD.

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