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Layering clothing can keep you warm and look stylish at the same time this holiday season. Try pairing knit sweaters with flowy cardigans or denim button downs for a relaxed yet fashionable outfit. Add an infinity scarf and/or bow for a more feminine touch to your look.

Transform any staple piece into outfit for holiday parties

From your first secret Santa exchange with friends to the final toast on New Year’s Eve, the winter holiday season is arguably the most fashionable time of the year and probably the most overwhelming. The plethora of special occasions, major celebrations and gatherings with friends allow you to transform the months of December and January into your own personal runway. A stroll down any row of shops will show you a slew of metallics, florals, dark neutrals, sparkles and cable knits possibly more tempting than even the most decadent chocolate sampler.

The Reach Out and Read benefit concert raised awareness for childhood  literacy by bringing the community together to listen to musical acts,  such as singer Rebecca Emont

ROARin’ Benefit Concert raises money for children’s literacy

Local New Brunswick bands, like Area 151, found themselves on Busch campus on Dec. 2 to perform at the ROARin’ Benefit Concert. Organized by the Rutgers chapter of the national nonprofit, Reach Out and Read, the fundraiser took place at the Busch Student Center and raised $300 to promote childhood literacy through reading to young children in the community.

The vegetarian combination at Evelyn’s consists of tabouleh, hummus served with a basket of pita and spinach pie. The tabouleh salad includes parsley, tomatoes, onions and burghul wheat and is topped with citrus olive oil dressing.

Evelyn’s on Easton Avenue provides Mediterranean getaway

Easton Avenue is full of exotic restaurants, but Evelyn’s stands out from the crowd. At the end of a cobblestone alley nestled between two stores is a secret garden of twinkling lights and great Mediterranean food. I’ve passed by Evelyn’s several times while looking for restaurants to try in New Brunswick, but the polished interior and dim lighting gave me the impression this was an upscale restaurant that didn’t fit my budget.


Thanksgiving Dinner Healthy Alternatives

It’s the time of year when we gather around huge plates of food with our loved ones and stuff as much into our mouths as we can. Before we know it, we’re back to those New Year’s resolutions that involve trying to fit back into the pants you swore fit a month ago. Eating healthy during the holidays sounds like a joke, but it’s definitely possible with minimal effort.


Black Friday Essentials

After a hearty turkey day feast, rest up because it’s that time of year again: Black Friday. Don’t let your overstuffed bellies hold you back this year because here are the top essential must-brings and must-dos to ensure a successful day of discounts, bargains and overall shopping satisfaction. 1.


DIY Friends-giving

In place of travelling home, many students are creating a new sort of Thanksgiving tradition in which they forego the expense and hassle of travel and instead give thanks with friends from the comfort of the University. This growing phenomenon, dubbed “Friendsgiving,”

Photo Illustration | As the most anticipated shopping day of the year, Black Friday brings out all types of shoppers. Make sure you know how to spot and avoid each one to get the most out of your shopping day.

Different types of shoppers you’ll encounter on Black Friday

Merely hours after the turkey has been carved and the thanks have been given, another “holiday” demands to be recognized. This event, which prompts people to excuse themselves from family reunions in favor of dashing out to the nearest shopping mall, is Black Friday. If your post-Thanksgiving plans include participating in the Black Friday shopping craze for the first time or heading out as an annual tradition, trust Inside Beat to familiarize you with the different types of Black Friday shoppers you might encounter at your favorite stores this holiday season.

Add variety to the typical Thanksgiving dessert options by making DIY turkey cupcakes from pre-made ingredients.

DIY Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving dessert can range from the more sophisticated pies and tarts to the ‘cutesy’ cupcakes, and everything in between! Though grandma’s pecan pie may be the annual tradition to end the feast, consider adding on to your repertoire of dessert, with these adorable and easy-to-make turkey cupcakes that are sure to entertain and impress all ages.


Always dress accordingly

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, and the way you express that gratitude and celebrate the holiday is based on your preference. Whether you’re heading home for a few days or sticking around campus, hopping on a plane or lazing around with friends, the right outfit is just as important as the right dinner. Thanksgiving is the official launch to the season of revelry, the challenge is now on to stay stylish in the face of fully indulgent cuisine and cruise in grace through the new year.

Photo Illustration | Thanksgiving break is the time when distant family like to get to know you better by asking the questions everyone dread. Ease the tension by playing a fun drinking game during dinner.

Sip with caution during dinner

As the long-awaited Thanksgiving holiday approaches, you might be craving a little more than turkey. Whether you’re thankful for gravy, cranberry sauce or stuffing, nothing beats a good sip of wine or champagne at the dinner table. If you’re 21 or older, these dinner table tips will have you shamelessly sipping more wine with your pumpkin pie.

As the weather gets colder, students tend to lose the motivation to work out. Starting the day in workout clothes and recruiting a friend to go the gym with will make it easier and more fun to stay in shape during the holidays.

Five helpful tips to stave off cold weather blues this winter

America is home to some of the most premiere athletes on earth. It is more or less unwritten in our Declaration of Independence that we are entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of the gym” (or something like that). If the nations of the world got together in a stereotypical high school classroom, America would unquestionably be the fast-talking jock that won’t shut up about her training schedule. In this country, we go everywhere in sneakers and drink Gatorade like it’s water but tend to scurry into early hibernation at the barest whiff of the first cold front. While it is still November, the days are already getting shorter, the weather is noticeably chillier and in four short weeks, the fall semester will be — gasp — over.

With a background in music, Alex Peterson decided to start a management company to represent underground bands throughout New Brunswick.

Rutgers student keeps music alive through social media

The future is a constant thought in the minds of college students, but they often follow the path of landing a career for someone, rather than creating one for themselves. A senior at Rutgers decided to mold his passion and educational background into a music management business that he plans to expand after he graduates. Alex Peterson, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, noticed New Brunswick had a tightly knit music scene and decided to start his own music management company, Haymaker Management, as well as an educational page that links current rock music with historic and classic rock.

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