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Pop Culture Fight Club

It's the subject of drinking conversations in bars across the country: Who would win in a fight between James Bond and Batman? Ezio and Samurai Jack? Inside Beat takes a look at some of our favorite characters from across popular culture and we pit them against each other in a tournament style bracket. Who do you think should win? Be sure to cast your votes on www.dailytargum.com/inside_beat over the course of the next week. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @InsideBeat as well for updates and voting dates.


Internet Sensations

With the advent of YouTube, it has become possible for people to broadcast their talent to the entire world without the backing of an expensive talent agency. Inside Beat takes a look at some of the most talented performers to benefit from the Internet revolution.

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The Sartorial Candidates

The Tuesday after the first Monday of November always means Election Day. While Candidates may have already found out if they won or lost, the issue of style versus substance remains. Inside Beat investigates the new way of power dressing and the mania surrounding it.

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Speculative Fiction...

Speculative fiction in television is cropping up everywhere. Across the globe, people are fixated with paranormal behavior, horror fiction, and alternate worlds. There have been countless superhero and vampire films and gory television shows emerging just in the last few years. Of the 28 new television shows released this season on primetime television alone, 6 of the shows have sci-fi or fantastical themes. But why is this so? Read on as Inside Beat takes you on a journey to another planet.

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It Shoulda Been You

Typically, the Great White Way offers a wide variety of plays and musicals encompassing several genres, including tragedy comedy, satire, etc. Today, Broadway marquees are filled with adaptations of television shows and movies that have been put on stage to entice a more widespread audience. In response to this, the off-Broadway circuit has also become more commercial, leaving no home for original plays and musicals in Manhattan. This is good news for the regional theatres of New Jersey, who are getting the spotlight for producing original works.

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Thrice Major/Minor | B+

Nothing groundbreaking for the 11 years young band Thrice will be found on their 8th release Major/Minor - what is present is a more refined sound. The album feels like a culmination of all that the band has been working toward since their first, more experimental and alternative release, Vheissu, back in 2005. Major/Minor incorporates elements from their entire back catalogue, yet the album never sounds like a repeat of anything they've done so far.

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The Masculine Mystique

Female comedians, film stars, television personalities, authors and politicians - it seems that history has, up until recently, robbed an entire gender of recognition. But while the feminist movement is as strong as ever, it doesn't seem as though anyone is looking out for men.

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