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Following the federal tax increase of 62 cents for cigarettes on
April 1, the state may raise tax on cigarettes by 12.5 cents in the
proposed budget, which would rake in $26 million for New

NJ may raise cigarette tax to generate revenue

Smokers across the country had to reach deeper into their pockets for change Wednesday when a federal tax of about 62 cents on cigarettes took effect, which was signed into law on Feb. 4 to fund the State Children's Health Insurance Program.


BOG approves proposed name change of SCILS

The Board of Governors approved changing the name of the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies to the School of Communication and Information, despite some dissention from the audience yesterday at the board's meeting in Winants Hall on the College Avenue campus.

University first-year student Dominique Gutierrez protests
executive bonuses yesterday in front of Bank of America on George

Students protest billions in bank bailout bonuses

University students protested in front of Bank of America on George Street yesterday calling for Bank of America to fire CEO Ken Lewis due to reports that he used billions of bailout funds from taxpayer money to give bonuses to bank executives.

Hundreds of students and community members set the new Guiness
World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Waldo
from the children's book series 'Where's Waldo'' last night in the
State Theatre in downtown New Brunswick.

Where's Waldo 1,052 found in State Theatre

With 1,052 students and community members decked in the infamous red stripes, the University nearly doubled the Guinness Book of World Records mark for the most "Where's Waldo?" characters gathered in a single place. Previously, the record had been set at 577 people.


Institute maps plans for energy building

In an effort to keep up with the University "going green" trend, the Institute for Women's Leadership is raising money to build one of the University's first complete Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building on Douglass campus.

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