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It is a triggering experience to be called out of a carefully constructed identity. Preferred name policies and augmented gender options will help to deter such transgressions. Rutgers belongs to the group of the universities in the nation that allow students to implement preferred names where legally possible.

On defying societal gender norms

Check here for female, check here for male and if neither applies to you, draw your own box. Many of us grew up adhering to strict gender roles that categorizes us as either male or female — there was no in-between. Gender is fundamental to how we as individuals process the world around us. Everything we do is in some way related to gender. 


Donating used prom dresses is about more than school dances

Start looking through your closets, because the Godmother is back this year and needs your dresses. For the last three years, Our Fairy Godmother has provided numerous financially struggling girls the opportunity to attend the prom by collecting gently used gowns and selling them at affordable prices. The average price of a prom dress can run up to $170, but girls can find high quality dresses for just $20 at Our Fairy Godmother events set to begin this month.


Got ethics? On why Reclaiming Rutgers should matter to you

As faculty, including teaching assistants and graduate assistants, have been negotiating their contract, which expired in August, they have begun to raise the question that the Union of Rutgers Administrators brought up after the 2010 salary freeze: has the administration “got ethics?” You may have seen “Reclaim Rutgers” signs hanging up on faculty doors. Maybe you have seen the American Association of University Professors and the American Federation of Teachers rallying or tabling at the campus center. 


Caution necessary when communicating on Twitter

When I first beWhen I first began doing freelance writing in 2013, I always knew networking was the life blood of my career. In order to get published, you need to build professional relationships with potential employers. So, even if writing is largely an introverted activity, budding freelance writers always need to be on top of their social networking skills.gan doing freelance writing in 2013, I always knew networking was the life blood of my career.


Black Lives Matter movement not over

Black Americans pulled the fire alarm and aren’t looking back. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police officers started a reactionary movement that shook the nation. The events that began to unfold in Ferguson, Miss. late last year held America’s eyes wide open. Regardless of feelings about what was going on, everyone had their sights on the city, waiting to see what would happen next. 


On staying American: nationality is innate

Bradley Cooper’s eyes aimed downward with the utmost intensity, looking toward some meaningful thing that merited his attention, yet none of us could see. The flag, meanwhile, enveloped his likeness with brazen curls of unapologetic patriotism. Lasciviously so. Seductively. And it altogether dominated the slate, urine-stained walls of Cardinal Lemoine.


RUSA bill was created to give next e-board stipend, not current

After listening to Rutgers University Student Assembly Parliamentarian Samuel Clark present on the bill that would grant RUSA executive board members a stipend for their dedication, I would like to apologize for the offense I caused and correct my misconceptions. Last Thursday, I wrote an article falsely accusing RUSA members of neglecting their responsibilities and trying to take funds intended to help students.


Sex workers deserve unbiased treatment

March 3 is International Sex Worker Rights Day, an important day to honor the legacy of sex worker activists past and remember how much further we as a community must go to secure our rights. The tradition first began in 2001 when over fifty thousand sex workers in a union in Calcutta, India organized a festival to celebrate each other’s struggles and achievements made in the community. 


Rutgers gets selective, grad questions reason

Rutgers is getting more selective! I wonder if I would be accepted now? I graduated from Livingston College in 1976 after serving in the U.S. Navy from 1969 to 1975. I wonder how many students are aware of the Vietnam War Memorial outside Scott Hall? I wonder how many of that group stop and view the names on the Memorial?


Open dialogue, education on child sex abuse is needed

According to Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, one in four women and one in six men will experience sexual abuse before the age of eighteen. This is called child sexual abuse. While these rates are alarmingly high, it is possible that the actual number of people who experience child sexual abuse is even higher. Yet, meaningful discussion surrounding the issue is extremely rare. This can result in an inability to heal, which is extremely damaging to survivors and society at large.


Sitcom should inspire Asian-Americans to reclaim voice

If any activity is sacred to our generation, it’s watching TV. I don’t know a single college student who doesn’t manage to squeeze in an episode of her favorite series on a busy day, whether it’s winter break or finals week. In an age where sometimes our most intimate experiences are with our Netflix accounts, I’m optimistic about the potential of ABC’s new series, Fresh Off the Boat, to bring an overdue issue to light.

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