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Misguided RUSA funding needs revisions

Remember that time in high school when you signed up for every club just to put it on your resume? Or when you decided against having a job because your parents were bankrolling your lifestyle?


Summer internships are necessary experiences

Nicholas Dugan, a first-year Exercise Science major, asked us “is an internship this summer really all that important?” With the weather getting warmer and the semester going by fast, it’s time to start thinking about plans for the summer; relaxing, traveling, having fun, hanging out with friends and family, and how could I forget, catching up on all those shows on Netflix.


Social media is ruining real relationships

People were once concerned with Y2K when it came to the evolving world of technology, but nowadays it seems like society’s worries are more focused around what Instagram filter to use and how many retweets you can get. Controversy erupted recently with the recent update to Snapchat, a wildly popular app. Being able to keep in touch with people by sending cute or absurd pictures to one another has become a 21st century staple of communication. 


Anti-vaxxer’s, Mitt Romney, and beginning of end

It’s that time of year again: time to think about the 2016 election. The beginning of the end has already begun for the select few presidential-candidate hopefuls and for those of us who have to live through yet another Republican Primary season. In the span of a month, we have seen Mitt Romney decide not to run, while Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal have started preparing for their respective campaigns.


Columbusing: clearly, we discovered this

Twerking, Afros and cornrows. Each of these was once unique to black and African-American culture, yet now they’ve become mainstream trends. It happened through a process called “columbusing,” defined by Urban Dictionary as a process in which “white people claim they have invented or discovered something that has been around for years, decades or even centuries.”


Student government stealing student money

This Thursday, Rutgers University Student Assembly is voting on a bill to provide salaries to the RUSA e-board, and of course, the people who actually can vote are the people hoping to receive the money. The executive board of RUSA would like to ensure that RUSA money is spent on themselves. If you oppose this, come to the RUSA meeting Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus.


Mack should do down as Rutgers great

As the Rutgers men’s basketball season winds down, it has become painfully apparent that this team was not quite ready for Big Ten play and the challenges it presented on the court. With just five regular season games remaining, the Scarlet Knights have been relegated to playing spoiler and trying to make magic happen in the conference tournament, just a few weeks away.


Fifty Shades of Grey promotes sexual violence

When Fifty Shades of Grey was first released, so many people were excited by the idea of an erotic novel tailored for women. Many found the novel extremely sexually appealing without recognizing that there is a serious problem with Christian and Ana's sexual relationship. Christian Grey and Ana seem to fall in “love” in the novel, but Christian’s feelings are unclear. What is clear is that he loves violent sex. 


Apple aesthetic: say goodbye to browning

The United States does not require genetically modified food to be labeled. In some states, including New Jersey, you can pick up a piece of fruit or a vegetable that has been pumped up with chemicals and not even know it. Adding to the trend, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) just approved the first genetically modified organism (GMO) apple.

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