Voting process undermined by incumbency

Election Day is coming up this Tuesday. Like the politically and civically involved students we are, of course we’re all up to date with the candidates and referendum questions that will be on the ballot, and we’re ready to make a carefully informed voting decision.


Explore alternative method for research

I would like to discuss an alternative method for cancer research. When we hear about research related to diseases like cancer, we tend to imagine the study being done in a laboratory setting where little rodents are the cancer models.


Fine line between assisted reproduction, designing babies

Careers, money and the environment are a number of intertwined factors that affect fertility. Pressured by financial considerations, some couples might choose to delay starting a family. Women who relegate having a baby to the backburner might suddenly find themselves staring at the ticking biological clock when they become ready.


Police presence not enough for safety

We all knew what we were getting into when we decided to come to Rutgers. It’s a giant university that is sprawled across five separate campuses throughout New Brunswick and Piscataway — nothing like the ivy-covered walls of closed campuses with clearly defined borders like nearby Princeton or The College of New Jersey.


University administration must be accessible to student body

Every week, I spend almost as much time on a bus as I do in class. It's a pretty typical experience for a Rutgers student, and in a way, this has come to define Rutgers for me: the endless waiting, the tragically inaccurate Nextbus displays, the feeling of being a sardine packed in a mobile, four-wheeled tin.

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