Save the women, not just the boobs

On Wednesdays, we wear pink, and in October, we wear pink every day. Pink ribbons, pink banners, pink balloons — the annual wave of pink is a reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an international campaign by charity organizations to boost awareness of the disease and raise funding for cancer research.


Zero tolerance for sexual assault

Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz has been lugging a twin-sized mattress around with her on campus since September to make a statement about her experience with sexual assault on campus, and she’s not putting it down until her rapist is expelled.


We got 99 problems, Ebola ain’t one

Ebola is a scary disease. Symptoms include fever, muscle pains and headaches, which then progresses into internal and external bleeding that eventually results in death. The current epidemic in West Africa is the largest in history — it has spread to several across the continent already and more than 7,000 people have been infected. The World Health Organization projects that unless serious action is taken, up to 1.4 million people could be infected by January.


Hamas is not ISIS, ISIS is not Hamas: UN speech misleading

Last Monday, as the United Nations General Assembly approached its final speeches, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprised the global audience by likening the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with Hamas, the Palestinian organization with whom Israel fought a belligerent and unequal "war" this past summer.


Receiving the notification: Realizing I'm hooked on technology

If we had to make a list of activities that are extremely hard to do, sipping tea wouldn’t be one of them. Exposing our bodies to 110 degrees while we frantically try to reach our toes in a yoga asana could probably be hard, as well as cooking a hearty meal for 37 guests, but not sipping tea. Well, guess what — sipping tea just got harder for me.


Polarizing event hinders progress, unity

On Tuesday, Sept. 30, the Rutgers University Hillel hosted an event titled “Examining Human Rights Violations Against Minorities in the Islamist World: From Hamas in Gaza to IS in Iraq and Syria,” featuring none other than Brooke Goldstein, a known bigot who has made many ridiculous claims.

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