Breast cancer thrives on vain attitudes

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As millions across the nation break out their pink shirts and knee high socks, the attention of the masses shifted to “saving the ta-ta’s.” With “I Heart Boobies” bracelets, pink hair ribbons, pink lemonade flavored 5-hour ENERGY shots and more, everyone has the chance to showcase their assumed support for this terrible disease.


World’s utter silence about terrorist attacks against Israel

On May 14, 1948, a nation rejoiced. This nation had returned to its rightful home — the land where their ancestors had been expelled from hundreds of years ago. This land was a barren desert turned into a beautiful beacon of hope and freedom. Thousands poured into the land from all over the world, hoping to find a safe haven for themselves, their children and their children's children.


Problem with slut shaming women who are self-aware

Here’s The Problem With Slut-Shaming A Woman Who’s Self-Aware: She already knows. Considering the fact that the word "slut" was coined to demonize women who advocate sexual activity in the same way that men do, calling someone a slut is the same as saying, "You have a lot of sex", but in a more derogatory sense, because that person happens to have female reproductive parts.


Actions of single devout worshipper does not mimic majority

I read on a couple weeks ago that my friend, Henry Grabbe, was attacked in the opinions section of this paper. That his defense of faith on a college campus was deemed “laughable.” Jonathan Finnerty, author of that article, invited open discussion on this. I would like to explain to Finnerty as well as the rest of the campus, some of what was behind Grabbe’s article.


Recognizing success as more than overcoming challenges

An explosion of noise so deafening that, even when expected, it can jolt your heart — cannons firing, fireworks exploding, people screaming hysterically. Sounds resembling a scene from War of the Worlds. Mass chaos. Pure joy. A moment so consuming that for a couple of seconds, nothing else in the world seemed to matter. A culmination of years and years of countless seasons and months of pain and tears, that in the past appeared worthless but in the moment presented itself as so obliging.


Taking shots at death penalty etiquette

Utah has resurrected the practice of “death by firing squad.” Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill into law that allows the state to use a firing squad when lethal drugs are not available for death penalty victims. 


Medical supply banks needed worldwide

When people struggle financially, it can be hard for them to satisfy basic necessities. Resources like food in particular can take up most of a struggling family’s weekly income. Thankfully, there are food banks, which provide free food for those in need. People can just stop by and pick up what they need. Wouldn't it be nice to have a medical supply bank like we have food banks?

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