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As worldwide production of hazelnuts is threatened by the fungus Eastern Filbert Blight, Rutgers scientists are working on breeding the next generation of fungus-resistant hazelnuts. Although 25 percent of the world’s hazelnuts are purchased by Ferrero, hazelnuts are also in high-demand as important health foods. 
11/19/2017 11:26pm

A hard nut to crack: breeding the next generation of disease-resistant hazelnuts

To create a fungus-resistant breed of hazelnut trees that would kick-start a whole new agricultural industry in New Jersey, scientists at Rutgers University need to play the long game.  Thomas Molnar, an associate professor in the Department of Plant Biology at Rutgers University, spearheads this ambitious project, first started by the late C. Reed Funk,  a former professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology at Rutgers. 


9/18/2017 1:10pm

Rutgers researchers identify additional genes linked to Tourette Syndrome

Rutgers University scientists and research partners worldwide have identified genes that may be linked to Tourette syndrome (TS) — a neuropsychiatric condition characterized by involuntary motor and vocal movements — and this discovery can potentially lead to better treatments for the syndrome. Statistics from the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome (NJCTS) website indicate that about one out of every 100 individuals show signs of this syndrome, which includes symptoms such as repetitive jaw movements, arm jerking, grunting and shouting.

2/27/2017 5:34pm

State climatologist explains recent temperature hikes

New Brunswick reached a record-high temperature for February on Friday after the city soared to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, marking the warmest day in the month in 124 years. The last week has also been among the warmest for New Jersey in February in recorded history, said David Robinson, a Rutgers professor in the Department of Geography. “With observations at New Brunswick dating back to 1893, the 77-degree (Fahrenheit) maximum temperature last Friday was the warmest on record for the month,” the New Jersey State Climatologist said in an email.

In the Rube Goldberg competition, students engineered mechanisms with levers and pulleys to get a balloon from one place to another. The event took place Monday alongside the first-ever Spirit Day.
2/27/2017 1:45pm

Rutgers kicks off Engineer's Week with spirit day, Rube Goldberg competition

On Feb. 20, 2017, Rutgers kicked off celebrations for National Engineers Week with a spirit day in the Busch Student Center. Spirit day is a day where students can experience different areas of engineering and get involved even if they are not normally inclined, said Priti Kantesaria, a School of Engineering first-year student. Kantesaria is part of the Engineering Governing Council (EGC), one of the two organizations responsible for coordinating the events. While EGC focuses a lot on planning Spirit Day and the signature Cardboard Canoe Races, the School of Engineering is more involved in other events such as the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture series and Young Engineer’s Day. During Spirit Day, multiple engineering societies set up tables where students can learn more about them, and participate in certain activities to get a hands-on feel for engineering. Students from the School of Engineering Honors Program presented a Rutgers-themed Operation game, a project they had been working on during their introductory classes. The Rutgers American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) also had a table up at the event. Kevin Leiton, president of the Rutgers AIAA and a School of Engineering senior, said the organization started four years ago with only seven students.

Young Engineer’s Day on Wednesday brought together students from 3rd to 12th grade for a series of hands-on engineering activities and projects. 
2/26/2017 11:45pm

Engineering outreach brings 3rd to 12th grade students to Rutgers for variety of interactive activities

More than 160 schoolchildren learned how to build bridges, create catapults, develop apps or make glass last week during Rutgers’ annual "Young Engineers Day." The School of Engineering hosted 165 students from nine different schools as part of "Young Engineers Day" last Wednesday in the Busch Student Center, said Assistant Dean Michael Brown.  Participants enjoyed a host of activities while learning about the Rutgers School of Engineering and how to apply engineering concepts to practical uses. “'Young Engineers Day' is a program that we do just to provide outreach, understanding of engineering and the School of Engineering community for third grade to 12th-grade students," he said.

Thirty-three teams had one hour to engineer a canoe out of cardboard, duct tape and a garbage bag. They then raced across the recreation center pool.
2/27/2017 1:45pm

Teams use engineering skills to stay afloat in annual cardboard canoe race

The sixth annual canoe races took place Feb. 24, bringing a lot of soaking cardboard and wet students. The event is the cumulative event of Engineers Week, a week-long national celebration of engineering at Rutgers, said a first-year School of Engineering student and Engineers Week chair Priti Kantesaria. The theme of this year’s event is “Dream Big,” she said. “It’s about, you know, doing things bigger, doing things better.

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