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On a day where Rutgers honored its seniors, it was sophomore Emily Mills who finished best for the Knights in 15th place. As a team, Rutgers finished in sixth place.
10/18/2015 8:57pm

Rutgers wraps fall season with finish for 6th place at host tournament

Saying goodbye is usually not an easy thing to do. On Saturday, the Rutgers women’s golf team honored its senior class at the Rutgers University Golf Course after the conclusion of the Rutgers Invitational.  Seniors Samantha Moyal, Jacquelyn Mullens, Christina Paulsen, Gabrielle Sacheli and co-captain Racquel Zurick all gathered for a picture with head coach Kari Williams and were serenaded by kind words from co-captain sophomore Emily Mills during a brief speech she gave to her senior teammates. “To see my seniors play their last Rutgers Invitational is both good and bad, because you know they’re leaving you,” Williams said.


Junior Christina Paulsen looks to build her performance at the River Landing Classic, where she finished tied for 36th.
4/23/2015 6:46pm

Rutgers seeks success in Big Ten Championship

The Rutgers women’s golf team will compete for the last time in 2015 this weekend at Indianapolis, Ind., for the Big Ten Championship. The Scarlet Knights will look to wrap up their first season as a member of the prestigious Big Ten Conference on a high note — with a top finish in its inaugural Big Ten Championship appearance. Rutgers has been on a 10-day hiatus from tournament play since its last event concluded on April 12.

4/24/2014 12:00am

Rutgers takes lessons, prepares to go into Big Ten

The Rutgers women’s golf team’s season came to a disappointing end Tuesday at the AAC Championship. But the team has many things to look forward to next season, as every golfer on the team will be eligible to return for as the Scarlet Knights prepare to enter the Big Ten. “We’ve learned a lot this year because [the golfers] are so young,” said head coach Maura Ballard. “We’ve had lots of learning experiences going into next fall.

4/23/2014 12:00am

Course conditions trouble Knights in last-place finish

The Rutgers women’s golf team was hoping to have its best performance of the season at the AAC Championship but failed to do so, struggling mightily in Palm Coast, Fla. The Scarlet Knights finished last out of seven teams yesterday in the three-day event. The Knights entered the tournament looking to improve on their past performances and have all their hard work from the season culminate in one final triumph at the AACs.

4/17/2014 12:00am

Rutgers takes youth to AAC Championship

The Rutgers women’s golf team looks to gain some much-needed experience at the AAC Championship tournament this weekend. The tournament will take place Sunday through Tuesday in Palm Coast, Fla., and the weather seems to be in the golfers’ favor. The temperature will vary from the low to mid 80s throughout the tournament with sunny and partly cloudy skies.

4/15/2014 12:00am

Rutgers focuses on accuracy, precision of short game

Golf is a game of precision and accuracy, and no part of a golfer’s game tests this more than in short game. “I honestly think that short game is one of the hardest aspects of golf, because you have to be so accurate in every part of the short game,” said sophomore Christina Paulsen. The short game consists of putting, chipping, bunker shots, flop shots and a pitch shot, among other facets, to put golfers in the best possible position to get the ball in the hole.

Freshman Taylor Clark said Rutgers’ VISION54 program has helped the Knights improve all-around. The program allows RU to practice indoors.
4/10/2014 12:00am

Knights use technology to improve physical, mental skills

Technology’s innovations have allowed people to achieve things today that one would not have thought possible in past years. The Rutgers women’s golf team has taken advantage of an innovative technological invention, called VISION54. VISION54 is a technologically innovative device dedicated to the game of golf that helps a golfer concentrate on their individual game.

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