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Aaron Savage

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Founder of "J Chen Project," Jessica Chen and Sandy Shelton perform in "Training the Devil," a part of "An Evening With Jessica Chen - A Journey Through Life and Death and Life," an event hosted by Rutgers University Programming Association on the evening of Feb. 19.

Students queue to speak at the Rutgers University Student Assembly’s meeting the evening of Feb. 19 at the Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus. AARON SAVAGE

Photo Illustration | A study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles found 25 percent of college first-year students believe racism to be a thing of the past.

An academic dean and first-year, sophomore, junior and senior students weigh in on their personal experiences and offer 
advice to succeed in college. | PHOTO ILLUSTRATION. 

Providing children with higher quality childhood education reduces the chances of students being placed in special education classes as they grow older, according to a study recently published by the Duke University Press | PHOTO ILLUSTRATION

A Rutgers alumna went "manslamming" in New York City to test the notion of male entitlement in public space. 

Class120, an app that tracks students' class attendance and relays information to parents, is considered helpful to some and a tool to foster "helicopter parenting" for others.

William Craig, a research professor of philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology, discusses his beliefs regarding religion and his perception of the universe at “The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe,” a lecture and question-and-answer session held at the Busch Campus Center yesterday evening. AARON SAVAGE

“The League,” a mobile app that recently secured a $2.1 million dollar deal with a venture capital firm, offers college students an avenue to “date smarter.” PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY AARON SAVAGE

"Discover," the newest feature for mobile app Snapchat, is rethinking channels of content production.

Sea levels in New Jersey are rising faster than the global average, suggesting that by 2100 the landscape of the state may be drastically different.

Connor Glacken, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, scales the bottommost rocks on the wall.

Officers of the Rutgers Climbing Team advise their athletes at their bi-weekly meeting at the College Avenue Gymnasium Rock Wall on Jan. 25.

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