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Alex Nikulin

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Snooki harms U.'s reputation

In these uncertain times, it is great to know exactly where the priorities of an institution lie. Our own University, which in its rich history has traditionally made top-notch affordable education its priority, has made it clear that its current top priority is providing top-notch college entertainment. Students entering the University will now know that not only is our school the eighth oldest university in United States, but it also stands tall as the first university where the iconic Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of "Jersey Shore" fame spoke. At a sold-out forum, 500 lucky University undergraduates received invaluable advice on dance moves, a demonstration on hair styling and her general wisdom on life, culminating in the mantra "Study hard, but party harder!"


Halloween not that bad

I have read both the opinions column and editorial concerning the events of Friday night. It struck me that somehow the blame for alcohol-induced violence and acts of sexual harassment are tied to "smelly guys dressed as The Jokers" and "piggish guys" that "treat [women] like objects." It bothers me that the blame is placed indiscriminately on males whose only purpose in life (apparently) is to go around and attack the innocent, sober and well-behaved co-eds around campus. I walked around College Avenue that night as well and guess what? Everyone was being … well, drunk. And slutty. The men and the women. Alcohol impacts everyone in the same way, and the idea that guys were somehow responsible for all the havoc that night is simply an attempt to distract us from the real issues of safety and civility.

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