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Amar Wason

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WASON: Public must be wary of political theatre

The politico-media complex took note long ago that investigations and hearings were far sexier than the slow-and-steady progress needed for productive legislation, and have thus enjoyed the fortunes of a smooth transition from coverage of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election to the current impeachment fiasco.


WASON: We ought to be wary of game show politics

Throughout history, politics have always in some ways paralleled sports. The sweet feeling of victory, the sting of defeat, strategy and competition amalgamate to form an emotional roller coaster of sorts — intensely familiar to followers of both baseball season and campaign season. 


WASON: US support of horrific tragedies in Yemen is reprehensible

The Saudi-induced, U.S.-backed hell faced by the Yemeni population represents the worst humanitarian crisis in the world — an act perhaps matched only in shame by the lack of attention a free press like our own decides to allocate toward covering it. The Saudi assault has been carried out via military strikes that have resulted in at the deaths of at least 18,000 civilians — this, while increasingly tightening their grip on the economic stranglehold they have Yemen wrapped in, puts just about its entire population at risk of severe famine. 


WASON: Death to death row: We must abolish capital punishment

Let us consider the fundamental values of countries such as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt or Somalia. Think for a second. What comes to mind? Is it democracy? Human rights maybe? I did not think so. Well, at least I would certainly hope not. If we were to add the U.S. onto this authoritarian cocktail of a list, nobody would blame you for picturing them as sitting at the head of a table, scolding the rest for their bad behavior. Unfortunately, this time the U.S. is here to join the party rather than stop it. 


WASON: US leaders should not stand with dictators

Any remnants of a political culture incentivized toward bipartisan behavior had perished long before President Donald J. Trump took office in 2016, so it is not quite fair to place the blame squarely on his shoulders for the particularly divisive environment that currently exists. In July 2014, under the previous administration of former President Barack Obama, a whopping 68 percent of Republicans favored his removal from office for what they saw as executive overreach. 


WASON: Supreme Court carried out injustice, stealing man’s liberty

In a polarized political environment such as the one we find ourselves in, it is absolutely vital to the prospects of limiting the vitriol that exists behind policy-based divisions that we are able to make clear exactly what it is we are discussing. Far too often the substantive issues at the core of our disagreements are lost in the semantics of what exists today as a charlatanic excuse for political discourse. Well, we will give it a shot anyway. 


WASON: Our shameful state of union shows regression

As hard as it may be, put aside for one moment any and every matter of mainstream political discourse that holds importance to you. Whether it be an opinion on the economy, immigration, abortion or healthcare, we can all unite behind the significance of national security as it is the one interest that we inherently share with one another. We will undoubtedly witness later tonight a shameful attempt to divide us along the lines of our own safety, as President Donald J. Trump will deliver his State of the Union address.


WASON: We must ‘wage’ war on low minimum pay

Last week, legislators in New Jersey agreed to a deal which will raise the minimum wage across the state to $15 per hour by 2024. Today, it is time to acknowledge just how good that news really is. Since its conception in 2012 when thousands of fast food workers went on strike in New York City, the Fight for $15 movement has been subject to an array of misguided criticism.

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