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Andrea Vacchiano

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COMMENTARY: Lisa Daftari is not Islamophobic, deserves to speak

Student activism has met a new low. On Monday night, a Change.org petition began circulating around Rutgers groups calling for journalist Lisa Daftari’s talk on Oct. 16 to be cancelled due to her Islamophobia. By Tuesday afternoon, this dishonest petition had more than 1,000 signatures. Daftari, an accomplished foreign policy analyst who has spent her career covering ISIS and counter-terrorism, is far from an Islamophobe — her work is incredibly important to the lives of the countless Muslims who fall prey to ISIS. Student activists’ attempts to take her quotes out of context are shameful, dishonest and contrary to the purpose of a university, which is to educate and expose students to new ideas.


VACCHIANO: Academy Awards politics are overanalyzed to fault

Last Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony was full of political moments — whether it was when  Lin-Manuel Miranda wore a ribbon for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), or when Emma Stone wore a pin for Planned Parenthood, or when the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film skipped the ceremony to make a statement against President Donald J.


VACCHIANO: Democrats’ endorsement of Philip Murphy is hypocritical

Politics has a way of bringing out the hypocrisy in people. The same Democrats who shook their heads at the thought of Donald J. Trump running for president — a man with no public service record but a lot of money — are fawning over Phil Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs executive who has never held an elected office but is seeking the highest public position in New Jersey under the Democratic ticket.

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