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Ariel Nagi

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Born and raised in Chicago, Radhanath Swami spends his time
traveling the world to teach people about Bhakti traditions and how
to live a spiritually fulfilling life.

Monk offers students spiritual guidance

A Hardenberg Hall classroom nearly filled to capacity last night as the Rutgers University Bhakti Club held its last meeting of the semester, bringing in Radhanath Swami, a renowned monk who travels across the word discussing spirituality and Bhakti yoga traditions.


'It's OK, can I just have a fry '

As I sit in my room and write this column, I am realizing some pretty amazing things: I am in my room, my phone is not vibrating out of control, I am not part of a BBM chat between three editors anymore, and I am not harassing writers for their stories or making out the story list in my head. Instead, I am in my room writing this, I am actually thinking about the work I need to do for class and searching for blog ideas to bring to my editor at my internship tomorrow. What can I say? Am I free, or what?


Elected Targum board taps into old, new experiences

The Daily Targum elected its 143rd editorial board Friday, and though the new board is not completely filled yet, the staff is full of hopes and aspirations of improving the newspaper overall, while still continuing some of Targum's traditions.

Johnson & Johnson will have a second hearing Sept. 30 on
'phantom recalls' of defective Motrin, among other products.

J&J executive retires amid recall hearing

The head of the division of Johnson & Johnson responsible for most of its 11 product recalls announced her retirement Thursday, shortly after House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform invited her to a second hearing regarding the recalls.

Visitors prepare to take a tour of a helicopter on last year's
Rutgers Day on Busch campus. The event this year will feature
engineering and science activities as well as sporting events.

Busch engineers hi-tech events

For many University affiliates, Busch campus is most commonly known as the science and engineering campus. But on Rutgers Day, the University hopes to show that the campus has much more to offer.


Obama grants more student possibilities

As more and more students prepare to walk across their high school graduation stage, President Barack Obama is working to make sure they get the chance to march at a college graduation as well, through the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act.


Republicans urge to scrap health care bill

For more than six hours, President Barack Obama and Congressional delegates debated yesterday at a health care summit about the health care bill, hoping to come to a bipartisan agreement but instead the results differed based on party affiliation.


Christie freezes state spending to balance budget

With the state budget getting smaller and the unemployment rate still rising, Gov. Chris Christie stood before members of the legislature yesterday at the Trenton Statehouse to deliver a speech citing his plans to balance the budget.

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