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Avalon Zoppo

Avalon Zoppo

Avalon is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in political science. Although she is busy working as managing editor for The Daily Targum, Avalon still enjoys stalking Jake Gyllenhaal on social media and imagining life from the perspective of her three cats. She sleeps in a bed made of unpaid parking tickets and broken dreams. From Monday to Wednesday, you can find her convincing strangers that she was awkward before it was cool. Just ask her mom. You can follow her on Twitter @AvalonZoppo for more stories, or email her at

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honeygrow, a Philadelphia-based fast food chain, offers stir-fry and smoothies, granting students a healthier option than burgers and fat sandwiches.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the first round in a landslide.

The New Jersey Pest Management Association (NJPMA) staged a “Cockroach Derby” during its annual clinic and trade show on Thursday afternoon outside of Hickman Hall.

Before returning to school in the fall, all undergraduate students will be required to verify they have received the 3-dose vaccination series of Trumenba®.

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