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Biya Haq

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College students take on world’s challenges

We all know that college kids, at first glance, may not be the smartest tools in the shed. We eat eight boxes of pizza at night, make completely horrendous excuses for not going to class — and when we do go, our minds are able to be occupied with hours and hours of BuzzFeed posts and remixes of the meow cat song.


Living for other people, ‘likes’ wastes valuable experiences

The other day, my roommates and I were making plans for going on Spring Break. Beyond my excitement about the warm and sunny beach, horseback riding in the water (it’s a thing) and having dinner in a cave (also a thing), I suddenly found myself thinking about our trip in a series of Instagram posts, which really got me thinking. Are we living our lives through how many likes we can get?


Traveling experience is beneficial for personal growth

I would like my column to blend together the aspects of travel and lifestyle. Though this is a local newspaper specific to the Rutgers atmosphere, I think it would be interesting to bring in lifestyle pieces from around the world, to really solidify the Jersey roots global reach value of Rutgers.

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