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Do trust fund artists deserve our respect?

Summer Walker, a rising voice in R&B, is one of the latest "rags to riches" stories in the music industry. Does an artist's socioeconomic background have to be considered when we think about the value of their work?  


OMANA: Consumerism, celebrity idolization pushes unethical fashion

From movies to magazines to social media, it feels like the pressure to look perfect and dress like a fashionista is only rising. While celebrities have always had tremendous impact on consumerism, their impact is even more so today as more and more people fall in debt or become a slave to cosmetic surgeries and procedures, trying to keep up with this perfect, glamorous, "Insta" look.


OMANA: Liam Neeson showcases blatant racism most hold implicitly

If you are a person of color, particularly if your skin and features are not racially deceiving, there is usually a “talk” your parents will have with you at a very young age. “Don’t let anyone mess with you.” “You’re going to have to work twice as hard, just to get half as far.” “You can’t go here or there.” As a Latin American woman, I have heard this my whole life and was not taught to, but grew to understand, that I can almost never let my guard down. 

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