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Brenda Stolyar

Brenda Stolyar

Features Editor in Training

Brenda Stolyar is currently a junior and is training to be Inside Beat’s features editor. Her interest in writing started in middle school when her English teacher told her she was terrible at it. She can tell you all you need to know about the Real Housewives and the Kardashians,
but knows nothing about the United States government. She enjoys music and live concerts more than she enjoys hearing herself talk (a lot). She likes to devote her spare time to her better half, also known as Netflix, and stuff her face with popcorn buffalo chicken crisps (no tomatoes) from Hansel and/or chicken bacon ranch pizza. She believes laughter is the cure to everything. She is also a proud older sister to Phoebe, her pet Chihuahua.


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Things we want to see at the new Hidden Grounds

We’ve all seen it in every show on television. Every squad from back in the day always met at their neighborhood’s coffee shop/diner to catch up on life. There was Tom’s Restaurant in "Seinfeld," Central Perk in "Friends," and on "Lizzie McGuire," the “ultra hip”Digital Bean.


Inside Beat Paper Fortune Teller Drinking Game

While Halloween sounds super fun in theory, we all know that between all the costume planning and party organizing, the only thing you really want to do by the end of Halloweekend is black out with a giant bottle of wine and bag of candy while watching "Hocus Pocus." But Inside Beat is here to remind those that are 21 and over, that this holiday only comes once a year, so it’s time to jump into that costume you’ve had planned for this day since last month, and grab your friends for a pre-game that will leave you buzzed enough to endure the crowded bars and frat basements.


What's your St. Paddy's day sloshed style?

Those 21 and over at Rutgers will find any excuse to drink. On snow days, you would think the liquor stores are giving out alcohol for free. When spring rolls around, the minute temperatures hit 60 degrees, backyards around New Brunswick are filled to maximum capacity while classrooms have maybe 2 or 3 desks filled with kids who obviously didn’t get the memo.


Revisiting albums that shaped my early 2000s childhood

It is both a blessing and a curse to be able to easily access songs through a few clicks of a mouse. We’ve gone from the bulky Walkman and shelves of dusty cassette tapes to virtual libraries that store much more than just literature. Listening to an album from start to finish has become just as rare as going out and purchasing a physical CD.

With a background in music, Alex Peterson decided to start a management company to represent underground bands throughout New Brunswick.

Rutgers student keeps music alive through social media

The future is a constant thought in the minds of college students, but they often follow the path of landing a career for someone, rather than creating one for themselves. A senior at Rutgers decided to mold his passion and educational background into a music management business that he plans to expand after he graduates. Alex Peterson, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, noticed New Brunswick had a tightly knit music scene and decided to start his own music management company, Haymaker Management, as well as an educational page that links current rock music with historic and classic rock.

Rudzinski visited Rutgers on Nov. 12th where she performed her poetry and acted as a judge at “Feed The Poets Presents: My Spoken Mark.”

Award-winning poet Carrie Rudzinski brings slam to Rutgers

Many choose to showcase their emotions by writing freely on a page with a desire for their words to be read internally and to resonate on a silenced level. Carrie Rudzinski instead brings her written pieces to life on stage. Rudzinski, a slam poet, came to Rutgers on Nov. 12 to participate as a performer and judge for “Feed The Poets Presents: My Spoken Mark,” an event sponsored by Rutgers University Student Life Leadership and Training and co-sponsored by the Mark Conference and Verbal Mayhem.

Courtesy of Michelle Tarangelo | Lauren Berger, CEO of Intern Queen Inc., started her business to give students a virtual platform that helps them find internships for all types of majors.

Intern Queen guides students on succeeding in ‘real’ world

Between early morning commutes, memorizing complicated coffee orders and balancing a budget that involves no steady income, college students feel internships are more detrimental than advantageous in the long run. However, Lauren Berger, CEO of “Intern Queen, Inc.,” is solid proof that internships are the foundation to thriving in the real world. The brand provides a free website that gives young people the opportunity to apply to various internships around the country.

Courtesy of Jacyln Ulman | Rutgers University Programming Association will host “The Verge Campus Tour” with Chance the Rapper tonight at 8 p.m. in the College Avenue Gym.

Co-founder of ‘Verge Campus Tour’ talks to Inside Beat

In a world swamped by social networking sites, avid fans are finding it slightly to easier connect with their favorite artists through various forms of media. The founders of emuze.com, Brett Segall and Maxwell Zotz, use the website as a platform to allow artists to connect with their fans. They also use more physical platforms: stages at colleges across the country. In collaboration with Rutgers University Programming Association, “The Verge Campus Tour” will be visiting Rutgers on Friday. Chance the Rapper is set to perform at 8 p.m. in the College Avenue Gym.

Courtesy of Amy Levin | Amy Levin, founder and creative director of CollegeFashionista, created a website for college students to showcase their style and learn about the latest trends.

College fashion site brings fashion lookbook to Rutgers

Amy Levin, founder and creative director of CollegeFashionista.com, found a way to combine fashion and business by launching a website that connects students to the latest trends, beauty tips, campus events and opportunities according to their particular university. Originally she started it out as a personal blog at Indiana University, Levin decided to launch the site in 2009 by expanding to different universities. Since then, the fashion blog has swept hundreds of different campuses and was re-launched this past September.

Photo Illustration | Haley Temin hopes to apply her artistic skills by someday working for Nickelodeon.

Student stages creative comeback for her senior year at Rutgers

In a large school like Rutgers, students have encountered an endless amount of people without actually getting the chance to dig past the basic and trivial facts. Each person has a side of himself or herself that tends to shy away from the spotlight, a talent or even passion they hide. Haley Temin, a Mason Gross School of the Arts senior, is a prime example of how sometimes, one’s artistic side can become buried and lost when making the busy college transition.

Photo Courtesy of Madison Ouellette | Rob Graham (left), vocalist and guitarist, specializes in the sound aspect of the band while Jason Renna (right), vocalist and bassist, writes lyrics for the band's songs.

Q&A with The Blithedale Romance

Dating back to the 1970s, New Brunswick has been a reliable platform for bands to showcase their music and unique sound. Even today, musicians and music lovers still manage to keep the underground basement shows thriving.

Act I opened with the a song and dance number that included most of the cast.

NJ State Theatre brings ‘Beauty and the Beast’ back to life

In a society where second screens such as iPads, laptops and cell phones have replaced the now obsolete VHS tapes and DVDs, theater still grasps on to what is left of Disney fairytales. This past weekend, at the New Jersey State Theatre on Livingston Avenue, NETworks, a theatre production company, brought Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” to life.

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