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By Ehud Cohen

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Do not be afraid to question common sense

The phrase “common sense” implies that the more correct perception of something is the one that is most commonly shared. But, common sense is not static — it is based on the intellect and knowledge of those who share the common space. Thus, it can sometimes be wrong. And if the wrong perception is treated as the right one, especially by voters or policymakers, we encounter a problem.That notion is one I want to explore before we graduating seniors enter the next stage of our lives, before we become full members of the economic, scientific and political world that we will help shape.


UC Davis police break law with pepper spray

There is a chilling moment captured on film from the Nov. 18 protest at University of California, Davis that repeats in my mind. As students sit on the ground in silence, arms linked, a police officer raises a can of pepper spray to the crowd — as one might spray Raid onto unwanted bugs. The students keep their arms locked, enduring the pain as other officers move in to remove them from the ground.


Free speech should work both ways

There is an oft-quoted phrase regarding the reverence this nation holds toward freedom of speech, and one that Tuesday’s commentary, “U.S. persecutes pro-Palestinian sentiments,” also mentions: “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” And what a wonderful sentiment this phrase evokes. But its inclusion in the commentary also highlights the commentary’s underlying hypocrisy.

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