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By Ian Wolf

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Student vote imperative in RUSA elections

Hello Scarlet Knights, my name is Ian Wolf, and I am your elections chair for the Rutgers University Student Assembly, the undergraduate student government for Rutgers University. You may or may not have received annoying mass emails from me about the RUSA elections reminding you to vote.


Greek life not synonymous with depravity

At Rutgers University, greeks have a problem. It is a problem that sororities have excluded themselves from by following their own policies down to the letter, leaving fraternities to take the blame. The culture at this university is one that encourages students to pregame, go out to binge drink and return home late at night, not remembering much of the night.


Get involved in RUSA to have your voice heard

Over the past couple of weeks, the Rutgers University Student Assembly, or RUSA, has been trying to figure out what is really on student’s minds when it comes to issues that they face at the University. The student government is comprised of only sixty students with sixty unique viewpoints. In order for RUSA to know what students want to see fixed at the University, we need to hear from you!


Greek community and RUSA go hand in hand

Rutgers University Student Assembly elections will take place from April 8 to April 10.  Traditionally, voter turnout for student government elections at the University is very low. Why should greek life care about this particular election? In this election, there are two very strong candidates running for the position of president. However, Pavel Sokolov and members of his ticket, Rutgers Students First, will focus on the issues that matter to the University Greek community.

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