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By John Connelly

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Vote yes on question 2 on nov. 5

It concerns me that with the media’s attention focused first on the almost preordained election of Senator Cory Booker and then on the clash between Gov. Chris Christie and his Democratic rival Barbara Buono, Rutgers students and New Jersey voters are more broadly unaware of another question we get to decide at the polls this fall.


Keep University affordable, public

The Daily Targum is right to remind its readers that policy related to tuition is always more complicated than simply a matter of setting a price tag. The Board of Governors is charged with a very difficult task, balancing the ideal of educational affordability with the needs of the University to expand its efforts, pay our faculty and part-time lecturers, and prepare for the cost of a new medical school.I think I can speak on behalf every student who came to the “Keep Rutgers Public” rally at July’s BOG meeting when I say that we support the University and wish to see the best for it.


Officials disregard history, jump to action

Plagued by the first of a series of economic hardships, the school that would become our own University in 1793 considered merging with the school that would become Princeton University. Though the merger must have been tempting to a cash-strapped Board of Trustees, the measure failed by one vote. I do not bring this story up merely because I wish to show off my knowledge of University trivia.


Right wing uses divisive language to retain power

In reading conservative writing about Occupy Wall Street and the movement it spawned, the phrase “class warfare,” as to be expected, comes up often. This term is a favorite invective of the American right, which is strange, considering how little the right likes to talk about class in other contexts. What I find most interesting, of course, is that to the American right, class warfare seems to be a one-way street.


Stand united with community against police brutality

The New Brunswick community will join communities nationwide this Saturday in standing up against police brutality. Of course, recent events in New Brunswick have put police violence back in the headlines, with the tragic death of resident Barry Deloatch fresh in the minds of many in the community. We in the Rutgers United Student Coalition express sympathy for those mourning Deloatch’s death and support the efforts of Deloatch family spokesman and activist Walter Hudson and other community organizers to hold the City Hall accountable for the actions of its police force.

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