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By Katie Bryck

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If traveling solo, remember where your bus is going

Nothing is more gratifying than arriving in a country you have never been to before and knowing that you got there all on your own. However, this gratification would not be half as fulfilling if it were not for the extreme amount of preparation one must do prior to taking a trip. One must foresee the many mishaps one may encounter traveling alone for the first time.


Finding religion in celebration

As the holiday season quickly approaches and the streets are dressed with pretty lights, I cannot help but feel excitement in the anticipation for Christmas. As we have come to define this time of year, the holidays are a time for celebrating, selfless giving, good food, friends and family. But after a visit to Westminster Abbey and seeing the church draped with memorials and tons of remembrance poppies, I was reminded in a strange way of the true reason for the season — religion. Beneath the candy canes and gumdrops, Jesus is the fundamental reason that we celebrate.


Money can’t buy you love

As I reached for my wallet to pay for my three pound cup of coffee I heard the voices of friends and family saying, “You’ll have fun, but London is very expensive.” So it turns out that these people, whom I had taken as pessimists trying to ruin my excitement of studying abroad, were very right. I knew upon coming to London, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, that things would be pricey but I never thought that I would be afraid to check my bank account.


Living across the pond

After spending only one short week in the city of London, two questions keep running through my head — why have I not come here sooner, and how in God’s name do these people still manage to look so fabulous in the pouring rain? My process of falling in love with this beautiful city was not a slow one, and I believe that, like any great romance, my love will only continue to grow deeper.

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