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By Rida Ahmed

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The University brings renewable energy through the solar canopy project completed in the Yellow and Green Lots, as well as Lot 105 on Livingston campus.

Solar canopy serves as energy source on Livingston

Construction crews made way on a 32-acre solar canopy project during the summer that will generate greener energy for the University while simultaneously protecting cars parked on Livingston campus. The project consists of more than 40,000 solar panels stretched over the Yellow and Green lots as well as Lot 105. The panels will generate eight megawatts of power to satisfy 63 percent of the electrical demand on Livingston campus, according to University Facilities and Capital Planning.


Oceanography Club hosts haunted house

After a biological viral experiment went wrong, University students became cannibalistic, feeding on others during the second annual “Haunting of Lipman House: The Feeding,” sponsored by the Oceanography Club.“We take pride in providing a fun and stress-relieving quality haunted event around Halloween,” said Dave Kaminsky, head of the event. “This is our biggest annual fundraising event and it’s a great time for the Rutgers student body to come together for a fun night with their friends.”


Campus ranked in top-20 sex ed programs

Trojan Sexual Health Report ranked the University ninth out of 141 colleges nationwide for providing one of the most extensive campus sexual health services.The study — which Sperling’s BestPlaces conducts — highlights the need for sexual health resources and recognizes the campuses, ranking them by accessibility of sexual health programs and information to students, said Francesca Maresca, coordinator of Health Outreach, Promotion and Education.

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