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By Ryan Ragoza

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American culture criticism misguided

I am honored to have received a prompt response to my letter from the author of last week’s “Dose of Logos” column titled “Patriotism does not equal nationalism.” Let me first agree that it is good to know students here take an interest in what they read, and that ‘E Pluribus Unum’ is without question the better motto, though its scope of relevance may be confined to one’s pants pocket.


American culture is not dead

The Lord knows the author of yesterday’s column titled “Patriotism does not equal nationalism” is not complaining when he suggests American culture in these end-of-days is defined by its greed, nationalism, and nothing else. But this suggestion really speaks more to the author’s worldview than it does to the actual state of culture in America. I have no doubt that the citizens of this most culturally diverse country of the United States, and the students of its flagship university, would beg the same difference.


Exorcisms and elusive leprechauns

A Vatican-certified exorcist spoke about his metaphysical healing process to an audience of 200 (William Peter Blatty was never consulted) Wednesday night at the Cook Campus Center. The Rutgers Catholic Student Association trusted that the student body would be able sit through such a bout of fraudulent nonsense without throwing cabbage and tomatoes.

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