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Alex Pentland has recently been working on the Open Algorithms Project, which aims to obtain data without invading privacy.

Dominique Jackson was born in 1975 in Trinidad and Tobago. At the age of eighteen, she fled her family and moved to the United States, where she had to work as a sex worker in order to make a living.

 The three Israeli judo team members came to the Rutgers Hillel House, which is located on the College Avenue Campus. The event was organized by the Scarlet Knights for Israel, as well as the Jewish National Fund. 

 Yesterday at The Yard @ College Avenue, Charity: Water Rutgers set up an obstacle course that aimed to give a sense of the hardship that people face when obtaining clean water. Participants would go through the course while inside of an inflatable tube. 

 At Rutgers Business School, which is located on Livingston Campus, students were encouraged to donate $5 to the Finish Line Fund, which helps students nearing graduation and requiring assistance to finish their education.

 This year's Miss VSA included six contestants from a range of universities in the Northeast region. Each contestant was required to give a video introduction, perform in a talent show, participate in an ao dai walk and answer questions. 

 Christina Gonzalve, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, was the winner for the Fall 2018 Free Tuition challenge. In order to be eligible for the prize, she had to complete tasks relating to career development and improving professional skills. 

 During the event, students team up and spend more than 24 hours coding and developing programming projects. They are involved with both making the software, such as the web design, and building the physical hardware for their project. 

 The research team inserts mouse genes into fish eggs, then tracks their progress as they grow up. Afterwards, the scientists store and study the genetic makeup of the fish in order to determine how they evolved into tetrapods. 

 Since 1927, the Yule Log has been celebrated in Voorhees Chapel because of the increasing amount of students enrolling in Douglass Residential College. Elizabeth Rodman Voorhees donated the money to build the chapel in 1925. 

During the lecture, Sanderson first displayed visuals from his video on the Riemann zeta function, which uses infinite series of numbers to investigate the properties of prime numbers.

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