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Cathleen Lewis

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VOTE YES: Few places teach like Targum does

To the Editor: I can think of no better learning environment than the Targum. The on the job training I received did not just make me a better journalist while I was there — it has been the foundation of the skills I use today as the director of public and government affairs for AAA, as a council member in Lawrence Township, as a columnist and as a mother.


Voting yes benefits all students

I have been reading the many different takes on the Targum referendum and have decided that a lot of misinformation is floating around, and because of this the larger point has been missed.


No money for athletics means no money at all

Throughout my four years at Rutgers I have kept out of the debate over athletics' role at the University. First because I was a reporter, and secondly because I never found a piece that made me want to invest time in writing a response. However, Chris Thieme's column sparked my interest (The Daily Targum, April 2). It would be a great world if we could just take money from one place and put it into what some deem a nobler endeavor at the snap of a finger. Unfortunately it does not work that way. The money that comes into athletics would not be there for the General Honors Program to use because donors gave to the athletics program. In the same way money for Wise Young's spinal cord research could not be given to make a renovations on the football stadium.

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