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The primary goal of the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society is to create and maintain a thriving start-up culture at the University, where students can share new ideas and create great companies that last over time.

Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society connects aspiring business people with resources

Student entrepreneurs have a place to get together, share ideas and networks, build companies and form a community, with the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society, a student run organization.  Ian Bullard, vice president of the organization and a Rutgers Business School junior, said the club was established to provide the missing link between the entrepreneurs at Rutgers, to provide a cohesive link that will benefit the whole community.  Bullard and Adam Rubinstein, president of the organization and a Rutgers Business School junior, attended a meeting for the organization their freshman year, but it was inactive then, Bullard said.  “We met each other at the general meeting and when we heard no replies from the then board for our applications to become board members, we decided to form our own society for entrepreneurs,” Bullard said. This group was not affiliated with the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society at the time, Bullard said.


Study finds exercise helpful in moderation, harmful in excess

Three weeks into January, many people have already dropped their resolutions to work out more, but some people may be exercising too much. A recent study suggested that overdosing on exercise can have detrimental effects on a person’s health, specifically their heart, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A study by Mark Pfeiffer in the Bloustein Local Government Research Center found that many local New Jersey government agencies used outdated or aging computer infrastructure, putting them at risk to cyberattack.

Rutgers study finds local governments use outdated technology

While technology is advancing and growing more popular, local governments are struggling to keep up — and as a result, they open themselves to technological risks such as data breaching and website attacks. But local government agencies and other organizations can become technologically proficient to understand and manage their technology risks, according to the Bloustein Local Government Research Center. As stated by the center, there are six interrelated categories of risk: cyber security, legal, operational, financial, "reputational" and societal.


Muggle Mayhem raises funds for charitable groups

Rutgers is not home to the Triwizard Tournament, and the fictional Weird Sisters band was absent for a night of magical rock n' roll. Despite this, Rutgers' Yule Ball was no less magical than the Yule Ball described in J.K. Rowling's "The Goblet of Fire" — but if anything, it was considerably more muggle-minded. Muggles, or non-wizarding students, convened in the College Avenue Student Center's Multipurpose Room Sunday night for an evening of magic, music, desserts, activities and a chance to celebrate the end of the semester garbed in dresses and dress shirts. The Yule Ball, inspired directly by the Yule Ball in Rowling's fourth novel in the globally-acclaimed fantasy series, is a tradition of the Triwizard Tournament, an inter-school competition that challenges four highly-skilled student witches and wizards to best their way in a series of obstacles. 


App designed for Sakai access to arrive soon

Soon Rutgers students will have access to Sakai straight from their phone with the Rutgers iOS app. The app was created this year by Alastair Hendricks, co-founder of Tiger Bytes, and his team, operating from Cape Town, South Africa.


Fall HackRU puts student innovations on display

“Hackathon is called a lot of things, programming competition, programming marathons but HackRU is more of a learning experience as we are open to people of all skills and it is usually a 24hr-36hr long event in which people compete to win prices, or try and learn new technology” Michelle Chen, Lead Organizer of HackRu, said. “Our tagline, the ‘Coolest Sleepover you have been to’, acts an opportunity to spend time with your friends and learn some cool stuff, meet different companies and learn new skills”, Michelle said.

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