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Chloe Coffman

Chloe Coffman

Chloe is a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student majoring in communications. You can find her riding a vintage peugeot bike around campus. She enjoys cheese plates and kayaking, but she’s not very good at talking about herself. In her free time she roams the neighborhood armed with a camera taking in the environment and posting it to Facebook. Also, she’s got an avocado tattooed behind her ear. She said the needle vibrated her skull when she got it, and “it felt really good.” You can email her at

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Photo Illustration | The Zika virus is carried by mosquitos, and while it has not been a major issue in New Jersey yet, the approaching summer means that it could become one without proper mosquito containment methods like clearing still water.

Photo Illustration | Starting this fall, Rutgers will use Canvas for its online courses. The new system is expected to see widespread use at Rutgers.

Students graduating in 2016 will have an easier time in the job market, according to a report released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The national hiring outlook for outgoing seniors has risen 5.2 percent since last year.

Photo Illustration | Different student groups recognized Earth Day with a week’s worth of activities, which included clean-up events to remove litter.

Photo Illustration | Scantron machines operate by determining how much light is passing through the forms when grading them. Forms with the correct pencil marks are “read” to find correct or incorrect answers.

Photo Illustration | The Office of Instructional and Research Technology will upgrade Sakai over the summer, adding new features and consolidating others, like the two different gradebook functions. They will also provide professors with more user-friendly tools.

Photo Illustration | Marijuana use can lead to an increased appetite, memory issues and distorted perceptions.

Photo Illustration | Language has evolved through human history, with slang being an integral part of that evolution.

The Rutgers University Model Congress will introduce high school students to parliamentary procedure during the annual conference.

February 2013 | Musicians use a variety of hardware and software technologies to produce unique music.

Photo Illustration | Three Rutgers students created a Chrome extension that lets WebReg users see Rate My Professor ratings next to professors.

Rebellious shirts and plaid attitudes were rocking the room to Never-Never Land. It was definitely a “Nine Deeez Nite." The band that kept Dance Marathon moshing to the music down millennial lane was present for their fourth year at the annual charity event.

Ants frozen in amber 100 million years ago showed evidence of social behavior. These ants likely worked together to complete tasks.

In a Dec. 13 interview with The Daily Targum, President Robert L. Barchi expressed doubts that a bill that would add a student voting member onto the Board of Governors could pass through the New Jersey legislature. 

“From Exclusion to Inclusion” was a symposium hosted at Rutgers on Tuesday where researchers discussed the lives of women at the University over the years.

Photo Illustration | The electoral college was created by the founding fathers near the end of the 18th century to elect America’s president.

This past December was among the 19th-warmest on record, while last month’s snow cover was the fifth-lowest in North America over the last 50 years. Some of the warmth may be a result of human activity, but El Nino may also be contributing.

Photo Illustration | Alcohol depresses centers in the brain that are responsible for processing emotions and thinking. It is also a sedative, which impacts motor function and can, in high enough levels, cause a coma or death.

Photo Illustration | The Kokikai Aikido program meets twice a week and teaches students how to defend themselves by redirecting an attacker’s energy.

Photo Illustration | The “I Demonstrate Educated Beauty” club holds discussions on various topics affecting women, ranging from defining themselves to societal norms. The group hosts multiple events to support different charities.

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