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Courtney Han

Courtney Han

Courtney is a born and bred New Jersey resident, but she is convinced that she's a New Yorker. She dreams of owning her own brown stone in the city when she becomes a world-renowned broadcast journalist. In her spare time, you'll find Courtney running outdoors, making healthy desserts, feeding her obsessive Instagram addiction, and lifting at the gym. Courtney loves How I Met Your Mother (she's a little behind on the times) and would pick a guns and bombs movie over a chick flick any day. She  loves listening to The Killers and going to raves, and her guilty pleasure is gelato.

In addition to writing for the Targum, Courtney has a news show for WRSU Rutgers radio and is a brother of the oo-ed professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. Her column, Fit Wit, runs on the third Friday of every month.

Recent Articles:


‘Palcohol’ may promote underage drinking

Recently, some genius decided to make alcoholic beverages in a powdered form. As if there were not enough opportunities for kids to drink irresponsibly underage, now it comes in a form that is even easier to hide from parents and law enforcement.


Anti-rape nail polish shouldn’t promote female blame

Rose petal pink or anti-rape red? Picking a color for my new manicure has never been so easy, thanks to four students at North Carolina State University who invented a nail polish that claims to be able to detect the common date rape drug GHB by turning a different color.

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