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Dan Corey

Dan Corey


Dan Corey is a Rutgers Business School junior majoring in marketing and journalism and media studies. Originally from Middletown, New Jersey, his hobbies include sleeping, eating and complaining about a lack of the two. He enjoys coffee, lemon cake, road rage, playing the drums, being loud and his pet beagle, Petey. You can listen to his radio show, "The 'D' Train" on Wednesday mornings on WRSU-FM Rutgers Radio. You can follow him on Twitter @danielhcorey for more stories, or email him at

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According to a December 2015 Rutgers-Eagleton poll announced on Tuesday, whether a person calls the meat "Taylor Ham" or "pork roll" depends on where they live in New Jersey. 

Democratic presidential candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) held a campaign rally at the Rutgers Athletic Center Sunday night.

The Daily Targum conducted a 15-minute phone interview with President Barack Obama less than one week before he is set to speak at Rutgers University's 250th anniversary commencement.

Press play to listen to The Daily Targum interview President Obama a few days before his May 15 commencement speech.

Marilyn Ali, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, resident assistant, former doo-wop singer, former EE bus driver and current Uber driver, is 65 years old with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Ali is set to receive her bachelor's degree this May as a communication major and theater arts minor, and plans to attend graduate school for social work after graduation.

Alexander Babatunde, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, Dean Flamio, a Rutgers Business School senior and Jerrell Chalmers, a School of Arts and Sciences senior co-founded Qilo, a branding company centered around the pineapple as a universal symbol of hospitality. 

Precious Williams, a Rutgers School of Law–Newark Class of 2007 alumna and CEO of Curvy Girlz Lingerie, pitched her lingerie company to a "Shark Tank" casting crew member in pursuit of tapping into a market of 40 million American women wearing clothes of size 14 or higher after asking 237 Harlem women for advice.

Rifat Parvez, husband of a Cook College Class of 1996 alumna, pitched an idea inspired by his wife after she suggested he find a way to dissolve calcium in water, allowing individuals, particularly athletes, to consume 80 percent of their daily calcium requirement with one bottle of water.

Kareen Elsheryie, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Class of 2014 alumnus, and Akshay Nigam, a New York University Class of 2014 alumnus, pitched their mobile app "Pikkup," a sports social network allowing athletes to find sports games to play in their area.

Rutgers-affiliated entrepreneurs pitch their invention plans to a "Shark Tank" casting crew member.

A Rutgers-affiliated entrepreneur pitches her invention plans to a "Shark Tank" casting crew member.

David Bulka, a pastor and Essex County resident, pitched his invention, "Clamp Champion," which was created after discovering cut-up PVC vacuum tubing had the ability to clamp smartphones in place in cars, so drivers could answer important phone calls on-the-go.

Jarel Hawkins, CEO of EcoSOLElution, a School of Engineering Class of 2007 alumnus and self-proclaimed "sneakerhead," wants to impress Lori Greiner from "Shark Tank" in order to have his organic shoe-cleaning company appear on the QVC network.

Kim Osterhoudt, a Rutgers Business School Class of 1978 alumna, pitched her line of fruit jams, “Jams by Kim,” at a casting call for Season 7 of CNBC’s “Shark Tank” Friday afternoon at Rutgers Business School on the Newark campus.

Justin Harris, creator of "Justin's Hot Stuff" hot sauce and a first-year student at Piscataway High School, pitches his special sauce to a "Shark Tank" casting crew member with his mother after they both discovered a secret recipe while experimenting in the kitchen together.

Jeffrey Torres, a Rutgers Business School senior, and Kelvin Betances, a New York University senior, pitched their idea about starting a user-friendly online platform that helps college student groups better promote events and organizational initiatives.

Kim Osterhoudt, a Rutgers Business School Class of 1978 alumna, pitched her line of fruit jams, “Jams by Kim,” at a casting call for Season 7 of CNBC’s “Shark Tank” Friday afternoon at the Rutgers Business School on the Newark campus.

Graphic by Dan Corey and Ramya Chitibomma. 

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