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The RWHJBarnabas Health Athletic Performance Center (RWJHAPC), located on Livingston campus, will be adjacent to the Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC) in the hopes of recruiting stronger student-athletes.

The RWJBarnabas Health Athletic Performance Center is the first new sports facility at Rutgers since the Rutgers Athletic Center, which was built forty years ago. 

Athletics Director Pat Hobbs said he will make sure the fans' experience remains world class. 


Rutgers signed in a contract agreement with the University of Massachusetts to have its football team play in Piscataway for $1.3 million.

University President Robert L. Barchi announced this summer that he would be stepping down in June 2020 and will become a University professor. 

University President Robert L. Barchi is the 20th and current president of the University, succeeding Richard L. McCormick in 2011. He will step down in June 2020 to return as a professor.

The money the University receives from parking ticket payments goes toward faculty, maintaining lights and other transportation costs. 

There was reportedly low turnout at Cook Cafe on weekends. Usually garnering 1,000 swipes a day, the cafe averaged 400 a day on weekends, according to Rutgers Dining Services.

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